How To Avoid Dry Hits?


Dry hits affect everyone, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned vaper. No amount of skill will avoid them, and there is no technology available to protect against dry hits.

We can all agree that dry hits hurt. It doesn’t matter what sort of e-liquid you use, whether a fruity or your favorite tobacco e-liquid, dry hits are one of those fears you have every time you take a puff.

However, this does not imply that you must accept dry hits. There are various strategies to avoid these unpleasant surprises.

What Is A Dry Hit?

Dry hits happen when you fire your atomizer when there isn’t enough juice in the wick. Therefore, instead of your favorite e-juice, you get a lungful of burnt cotton, which isn’t exactly a popular flavor.

This could happen for a variety of reasons. Some examples may include clogged vape coils, poor airflow, and wicking problems.

Despite any reason, one thing is sure: you want to get rid of dry hits in all the ways possible.

4 Ways To Avoid Dry Hits

Dry hits are something that all vapers have to deal with. However, many of these are caused by user error or technical issues, which can be resolved.

Priming Your Coil

When dealing with replaceable coils, the first hit must be perfect. You’ll get a dry hit and maybe destroy a fresh new coil if you draw too quickly and there isn’t enough juice in the wick.

Place a few drops of e-liquid on the exposed wick before fitting a fresh coil. Allow it to absorb before repeating it at least twice more. Please don’t overdo it, or you’ll fill the atomizer, which will merely create another problem.

After that, fill the tank and leave it upright for 10 minutes. Most guidelines will probably suggest that four to five minutes is sufficient. It would be better to add another five minutes just to be safe.

Try A Different Coil

Many reputable companies are making vape coils, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t make mistakes.

While modern sub-ohm coils often feature large wicking holes, some designs may fall short. After a few drags, this can become an issue.

If you realize that your coils produce dry hits in the middle of a session, you have two options. The most basic is to try out a new design. Most tanks include a variety of coils to meet the needs of their customers.

The alternative way is to slow down. Smaller holes necessitate more time to re-wick. Allow yourself 30 seconds between inhalations and see if that helps.

Reduce Your VG Level

Cloud chasers and those looking for a smooth vape prefer Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Unfortunately, it is not a popular choice among coils.

High VG e-liquids put extra pressure on all coils. These are bulkier and more difficult to absorb. After a certain level, some coils stop working. This is where dry hits become a problem.

So, use liquids with a lower VG content.

Keep Your Tank Topped Up

It’s necessary to keep your tank filled up. If the e-juice level falls too low, the coil is no longer completely dipped and eventually dry.

Since it stops absorbing additional liquid, you gradually drain whatever remains in the wick. Whenever it occurs, you should expect a harsh dry hit as well as potential coil damage.

So, it’s better to refill your tanks when juice levels reach 10% to 20%.

Conclusive Thoughts

Fighting dry hits can sometimes be as simple as altering your vaping technique. If you have a habit of taking quick draws, try transitioning to more prolonged and deeper hits.

Last but not least, always consider purchasing vaping accessories from a trusted vendor like Vape Cave to get more of your vaping experience.

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