Tobacco e-liquids

Most new vapers expect a similar experience to smoking their favorite cigarettes, but the reality is that no vape juice tastes like burning tobacco leaves. Some flavorings can impart an “ashtray” flavor to your e-liquid, and certain cigar or pipe e-liquids can deceive you by resembling the flavorings of cigar wrappers or fruity pipe additives. A good tobacco e-liquid, on the other hand, strives to provide an accurate and practical representation of the tobacco leaf.

Although this may appear to be a drawback at first, it is not. The stench of smoke and ash is replaced by an infinite range of flavors and variations while vaping. Tobacco with cookies may not sound appealing at first, but wait until you try it! And it’s not just your taste buds that note this; by eliminating combustion, tobacco vapes don’t leave a residual odor on your breath, clothes, or living room. Simply put, vaping nicotine is a much superior experience!