Buy Best Quality Tobacco E Liquids in Pakistan

Vape Cave offers a variety of free base nicotine and e liquids in Pakistan at best prices. Freebase is the purest form of nicotine and one of the most highly consumed type of e-liquid. At Vape Cave we only import the best quality e-liquids from USA created from 100% genuine extract to provide vapors an exciting and refreshing flavor.

Freebase is the purest type of nicotine and is the most widely used in e-liquids. Ammonia is added to pure nicotine to produce freebase nicotine. This is necessary because nicotine alone will be ineffective to the body; it is composed of negatively charged particles, which basically means that, when it reaches the body, the particles are unable to travel freely through organic membranes.

As a result, in order to make nicotine more usable in the body and improve bioavailability, we must ‘freebase’ it. (The amount of a material ingested by the body is referred to as bioavailability.) Freebase nicotine is present in the vast majority of e-liquids on the market.

Nicotine salts are an alternative source of nicotine used in e-liquids. These are naturally contained in the tobacco leaf, so if you’ve ever smoked a regular cigarette, you’ve already had them! Even at high doses, NIC salts can provide a softer, smoother throat hit.