Disposable Vaporizers

Finding ways to rid yourself of the hassle of refilling and maintaining your vape devices? Explore our wide range of disposable vaporizers and pod kits, and enhance your vaping experience today. These basic level, single use kits are purpose-built to deliver a convenient yet enjoyable experience. These disposable vapes come pre-filled with e-juice, allowing almost 650 puffs per kit, that is around 20 cigarettes.

With the disposable pen kits, anything will deliver you a smooth and flavorful experience; whether it’s a salt based nicotine containing e-liquid, dessert e-liquids, fruity ones, or any other flavor you choose. These compact and slimline designed vape kits are by far the best option for an seasoned vaper who looks for a backup device. Get your hands on the best disposable pods, which includes Geek Bar, and several disposable kits from VGOD.