Juul Pods Classic Menthol


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When you vape from CLASSIC MENTHOL JUUL POD, you feel like you are cooling off the taste buds with an exquisite taste. Every puff is packed with a cold menthol that will keep the hot day pleasant and cool. Since JUUL Pods are made of salt nicotine, you will inhale natural nicotine directly taken from tobacco leaves, helping you to get the dose of your nicotine more effectively. CLASSIC MENTHOL JUUL POD is the ideal savor for vape lovers, who enjoy a clear, crisp menthol taste that will please you all day long.

Go for the CLASSIC MENTHOL JUUL POD by GG Vapes, if you want to make your hectic day better and need a pleasant environment to keep your mind and senses working properly. It will blast your taste buds with an ever-lasting minty flavor. We deliver a variety of electronic liquids that take you to a new degree of relaxation, keeping you safe, happy, and fresh throughout the day.


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