Grumpy Old Bastard


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Anyone who has experienced Grumpy Old Bastard can confirm with surety that it is undeniably the best E-liquid flavor out of all the many available options. Do you feel a little grumpy? It’s your cue to get your hands on this Grumpy Old Bastard to relieve you from your grumpiness and uplift your mood. Not only that, but if you are done with all the mainstream fruity and tangy flavors, this might just be the perfect pick for you. It is rich and creamy and actually feels like an infusion of butterscotch and cream. You will not be grumpy anymore when its extravagant butterscotch, soft and sweet caramel, and succulent cream touches your tongue. It is the perfect escape from your anxiety and your savior on all of your low days. It is made in small batches and just gets better with time. It does not stay on the shelves for too long so grab it before your luck runs out. 

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