Binjai 10ml Salt
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Introducing Binjai 10 ml Salt, the ultimate vaping experience. This premium e-liquid is crafted with the finest ingredients to provide a smooth and satisfying taste. From the first puff, you’ll be transported to a world of flavor as the unique blend of fruit and spices dances on your taste buds.

The perfect balance of sweetness and complexity makes this e-liquid a true standout. Plus, its nicotine-free formula makes it ideal for all-day vaping. Upgrade your vaping game with the Best e-liquid in Pakistanand discover a new level of flavor. 


  • Salt-based nicotine for a pleasing nicotine hit
  • 10ml bottle size, a common size for e-liquid
  • It can last several days, depending on usage
  • Available in a wide range of exciting flavors like Honeydew, Tropical spearmint, Cool pear, Grapest, and many more.
  • Suitable for the transition from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaping.

Experience the delightful sensation of Binjai salt e-liquid. So why wait? Are you ready to hit your buds with a combination of fruity vaping experience that is slightly creamy and cooling at the same time? We certainly are!


HoneyDew, Tropical Spearmint, Cool Pear, Mango, Grapest


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