Mint VS Menthol: Why are they added to E-liquids And Nic Salts?


Be it Reds ice apple grape salt or normal e-juice or Nic Salts, there is one thing you will find common among all of them, i.e. menthol. That is because menthol and mint are pretty prominent in the e-liquid market. 

Contrary to the common concept, both mint and menthol are separate compounds, and they affect vape juice differently. 

Although mint comes out of menthol, these two e-juice ingredients are surprisingly different. They also affect the vaping experience in entirely different ways. That said, before we begin to elucidate how menthol and mint could impact vape juice in different ways, we need to explore the science behind these cooling ingredients. 

What is mint, and where does it come from?

Mint is a family of plants that grows and forms herbs. Usually, it is used for many culinary applications, and some members of its family are also changed into essential oils that are used for multiple purposes.

When people talk about mint, they are typically referring to peppermint. However, the mint family is quite vast as it also includes spearmint, lavender and wintergreen. 

Given mint’s familiar refreshing and superb taste, it is used for balancing vape products’ richness, sweetness, bitterness, and tartness like Reds Ice Berries Salt.

What is menthol?

The mint plant boasts a large variety of chemicals, but it is best known for menthol. To put it simply, menthol is a chemical that gives a cooling effect to anything it is added to. 

Menthol is extracted and isolated from the mint plant and is usually used for manufacturing beauty products and medicines. An isolated menthol is usually found in crystals. 

Much like mint, menthol is also added liberally to e-liquids. Since the flavour molecule in mint is removed during its menthol extraction process, the compound does not contain any flavour. Whenever menthol is taken from the mint plant, the only thing left behind is a chemical compound that is a physical sensation of coldness.

How are mint and menthol used in E-liquids?

Both menthol and mint are essential ingredients in e-liquids and nicotine salts like Reds ice apple watermelon salt. Although these compounds are quite similar in terms of origin, they produce different effects. 

Mint is a flavour, and it is added to e-juice to produce a minty taste. That said, the mint used in e-juice flavour is frequently devoid of menthol. Hence, no matter how much you are vaping these products, you would not feel a unique cooling sensation commonly achieved through menthol. 

Whereas menthol is found in numerous e-liquids. Although menthol is not designed to give any flavour, it gives an excellent throat hit. Many vapers find this sensation particularly invigorating that is why e-liquids with menthol are favourites among the majority vapers. 

What occurs when you add menthol to an E-liquid?

Menthol inside the e-juice gives the vaper a sensation of permeating coldness that moves inside the throat down to the lungs and spreads across the abdomen. 

Thus, when you add menthol to either salt or freebase juice, you will feel a cool breeze running through your body. Not to mention, it boosts the throat hit, which is something most vapers dote on. 

What transpires when you add mint to an E-liquid?

Adding mint to e-liquid intensifies its flavour profile by ten folds.  Besides accelerating the flavour, mint also creates a unique and refreshing note. This effect is further enhanced if mint is added to nicotine salt due to the coil resistance and wattage level. 

In freebase juice, the mint percentage is relatively subtle. However it is noticeable and enjoyable by a breed of vapers who are inclined to keep everything light. 

 Is it possible to add mint to any E-liquid flavour?

Technically speaking, mint can be added to any E-liquid flavour. It is essential to keep in mind that mint does not enhance every flavour with the same intensity. For instance, mint makes a terrific combination with specific dessert and fruit flavours. However, it does not taste nice if combined with savoury and candy flavours. 

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