7 Daze Salt – ICED Reds Apple Berries 30ml


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Treat yourself with 7 Daze Salt – ICED Reds Apple Berries e-liquid, because this magical blend is composed of classic flavors from red apples, which are further enhanced by the bold gist of ripe berries.

By ordering this vape juice, you would be rewarding your heart, muscles, mind, and of course the taste buds. With the right amount of nicotine combined with an abundance of menthol, this e-juice flavor is no less than a bottled perfection.

By putting this blend in your vaporizer, you would be first introduced to succulent flavors from apples and berries. Seconds later, menthol and nicotine would come rushing in. As a result of so many different elements in this concoction, you would be left stunned by marvel swirling in your mouth.

There is also a mild sweet delicate flavor in this blend, therefore even if you are not someone who appreciates bold flavors, the delicate part of this vape juice, would make you crave more!

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