4 Best Nicotine Salt Flavors for Beginners:


Nic salts have recently been gaining popularity in Pakistan. This is because of the wide variety of flavors available in nic salts. It is a great alternative to e juice as it delivers a more defined flavor with each puff.

Additionally, the major difference between the two is that nicotine salts contain one extra compound called benzoic acid, in addition to a higher concentration of nicotine. Therefore, it provides an elevated vaping experience with a stronger and faster nicotine hit.

When we look into the options of nic salt flavors, there are so many to choose from. The market is essentially stocked with all flavors that could possibly exist. Therefore, it could be difficult for a beginner to pick one that suits them the best. To make things simpler, we have listed down some of the best nicotine salts for beginners.

Vgod Saltnic Berry Bomb:

Vgod is an American brand that has created the image of a renowned brand in the vaping industry. They have an excellent range of nicotine salts, including Vgod cubano silver salt and saltnic berry bomb. The latter is great for those who have recently got into the habit of vaping and are looking for a basic flavor to initiate a pleasant tingle on their taste buds.

It is a mix of sweet and sour strawberries with a hint of menthol. The strawberries provide a fruity touch and the menthol adds a touch of freshness to the combination. Despite having basic notes, it is a rich flavor and provides the most satisfying throat hit.

IVG Salt – Rainbow Blast:

The popular British brand IVG is known for its amazing range of e-liquid and nic salt flavors. If you are one of those people who love having sour gummies, candies, and fruits, this flavor is for you. It is designed to infuse the sour taste of mixed fruits in a delectable blend. Get your hands on this nicotine salt flavor because everybody seems to like it..

Ripe Vapes – VCT Salt:

This is a popular US-based brand, which creates the most unique flavor blends. The VCT is one of the best creations of Ripe Vapes and contains three contrasting flavors. It is a combination of vanilla, custard, and tobacco. The bitter and strong taste of tobacco, when combined with sweet notes like vanilla and custard, generates an incredible blend. Beginner vapers who are looking for dessert flavors in their nic salt can opt for this option. It is a favorite of many due to the distinctive experience it offers.

Naked 100 Salt – Hawaiin Pog:

This is a legendary flavor offered by the well-known brand, Naked. Hawaiin pog is one of their finest creations in nicotine salts and is loved by many users. This blend combines multiple tropical fruits into a citrusy and fruity blend. The palate tingling orange with passion fruit and guava is what makes this flavor such a hit. It combines the basic notes of guava with the powerful flavor of orange and passion fruit to build a pronounced flavor. It is deemed as a classic in the Naked collection but has not lost its charm since its introduction.

To sum it up, here are our top picks of the best nicotine salt flavors. Not only do these flavors provide a great vaping experience, but they are also quite cheap. If you feel hesitant to spend a lot of money on nicotine salts, you can choose from this list.

If you seek a stronger throat hit, nicotine salts are your best bet. Unless you are switching from smoking, beginners should start with nicotine strength ranging from 20 mg to 35 mg. If you are looking for Reds ice berries salt or nicotine salts from the above-mentioned brands, head over to Vape Cave’s website. We supply quality vaping products for the satisfaction of our customers.

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