3 Common Vaping Problems And How To Solve Them


Vaping offers a better alternative to standard cigarettes. It does not come with the health risks of regular smoking and allows people to save more money in the long run. However, proper maintenance of your vape pen is sometimes critical. Knowing how to fix issues with the vape pen battery, cartridge, coil, and other components will come in handy. 

Vape pens have been rising over the last decade while the number of regular smokers has continuously decreased. However, even the best vape accessories can suddenly break or stop charging. The troubles usually arise anytime and can significantly worsen your vaping experience. How do we deal with these troubles when this happens? 

Of course, you can send your vape pen for repair or pay for a replacement. Yet, most of the troubles with these different accessories can be easily fixed on your own. If you didn’t get the issue, we are here to help you. We are also here to offer the best vape in Pakitan. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite product from the Vape Cave store in Karachi because we deliver vapes in Multan

Three Typical Trouble With Vape Pen

Vaping should be an enjoyable experience, but when things go wrong, it can be frustrating to figure out the problem and how to put it right. Most vaping issues are easily solved. 

The Battery Isn’t Charging

Nothing is worse than grabbing your vape to find that the battery isn’t working. There are different reasons why this happens, so check whether the trouble is related to the following guide. If not, then you must replace your vape. 

● The battery is flat sometimes, and vape batteries should last a while, discharging over different vape uses. If it’s flat, charge it according to the instructions given, and don’t tempt to use it on charge unless it is a pass-through charging vape device. 

● Clean the connection because sometimes the connection between the battery and the tank is dirty. You need o clean it. The battery will work harder to heat your vaping e-liquid. 

● Remove the battery, and clean the connection and the top of the battery with a damp cloth or cotton bud. Reinsert the battery and try again.

Vape Juice In The Airflow

There are many reasons why this happens, so you’ll need to find the source of the problem. It could be several things like.

● Overheating is the central issue. If you have left your vape mod in the sun or next to heat rays, it may have overheated, causing the e-liquid to thin.

● The coil needs replacing because something that is quickly done and will rectify the problem instantly.

E-liquid Spill From Vape

Having any amount of e-liquid spilling out of the vape is not a good sign. When a vape pen creates an issue, it can occur, resulting in the e-fluid spilling from the tank to the airflow directly from the device. 

● Check the coil top and that it’s screwed in correctly.

● Check that you have used the right e-liquid flavor for the vape device.

● Inspect the tank for any harm, and don’t overfill it.

● Avoid the vape device from overheating.

Wrap up, 

Now you know how to deal with the most basic troubles with vape devices. If all these guides don’t work, it’s not the battery issue. You need to replace the vape because sometimes these fix does not work if the problem is different.

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