Buy RELX Vape Pen & Pods In Pakistan Online

The RELX Classic is a well-known first-class Vape that can be found all over the world. In certain parts of the world, the Classic is a simple machine. Compact and bright, with a magnetized decline in pods and an automatic MTL pull. It has a 2 mL pod capacity that is TPD compliant and a form factor that is similar to the VFOLK Pro. Like the VFOLK Pro, the RELX Classic features a micro-wicking Interface with FEELM atomization. The RELX Classic is now available in a variety of aromas. Surprisingly, this is the case. There are 3 and 5 percent good salt pods available.

The RELX Classic is a simple pod Vape. It consists of only two components: a battery device and the pods. They are linked by a magnetic link that, in our view, could be stronger. The pods are kept in tightly enough that they will not fall out on their own, but if you drop the device, they are likely to fall out. Of course, reassembling them is as easy as removing the pod.