Will Vaping Trends Change In The Future?


Guessing what the trends of the vaping world will be in the future is always difficult due to its constant advancement. However, seeing the steps that manufacturers have been taking in recent years regarding liquids, devices, regulations, the environment, and users’ tastes, it is possible to foresee its future. This is not an exact science. Whether these predictions are more or less accurate, we can only verify over time. 

As vape devices and e-liquids are available in a considerable range of variety in Pakistan, vaping has become more common in society. Vaping is good because it helps smokers quit smoking cigarettes and prevents newcomers from adopting the cigarette habit. Today, this blog highlights some of those trends that we intuit may arrive at throughout this year.

The Potential Trends In The Vaping World

Here we will talk about the Pod vaping devices, as they have received much popularity over the past few years. We will also shed light on open or closed cartridges and the trend of simplicity.

The Rise Of Pods

The differences between Mods and Pods were quite apparent in their early days. The Mods came with a tank or atomizer screwed onto the device using a 510 thread. They are devices with greater power and have more advanced functions.

Pods have a smaller size, and instead of a threaded tank, they have cartridges (either closed or open). Cartridges are usually attached to the device body.

Today, however, those differences tend to merge into a single device that combines the best of each. The popularity of Pod Mods is growing tremendously in Pakistan, mainly due to their versatility. You can find many devices that perform well for mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping. They are usually more compact than Mods and still can provide more power and autonomy. You can also use one or more external batteries as a classic Mod-type device does.

Open Or Closed Cartridges

Since the introduction of Pods on the market, both types of cartridges have enjoyed great popularity. The closed ones allow a comfortable and simple use without cleaning and maintenance. It is perfect for beginners who do not want complications.

Open cartridges allow a greater variety of liquids (since closed ones only have a limited number of flavors). They are also simple, reducing costs by being able to reuse the cartridge with several refills of liquid.

Possibly, open cartridges will continue to be a growing trend, and brands will continue to innovate to make them easier to use. However, closed cartridges may also hold their line, as they are more comfortable for many beginning vapers in Pakistan.

Simple Vape Designs

Many of the starter kits are designed as easy-to-use devices. The trend would be to make it even easier to use. In recent times, we have seen how much work has been done to make it an increasingly easy process to change resistances and fill the tanks. Many of the atomizers currently use plug-and-play systems in which it is not necessary to screw and unscrew but simply pull the resistance to remove it and insert the new one. You can also fix them to avoid liquid leaks. This has also contributed to the rise of open cartridges over closed ones.

Another trend will be to make high-power devices more accessible to people with less experience. In this regard, Vape Cave has been making great strides, including advanced functions in its devices while also providing modes that facilitate vapers who are new to vaping or less knowledgeable about vaping.

Final Words

We shared our opinion about the potential trends in the vaping world in Pakistan. It is also a fact that the popularity of Pod Mod vaping devices has grown tremendously in the country. If you have a plan to start vaping, or you are an experienced vaper and want a high-quality device, come to Vape Cave. We have a wide range of devices like Uwell Caliburn Koko Prime, Vinci Q Pod Kit, Vaporesso Xros Nano, and others. And most importantly, all our products are available at reasonable prices. Contact us today!

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