Why Does My Vape Sounds Popping And Crackling?


If you’re new to vaping, sounds like crackling and popping from your vape may seem unusual or irritating. But don’t worry, vape popping is very usual.

However, even the most seasoned vapers should be aware of rapid changes in vape sound, which can be highly annoying and lead to severe difficulties. Here are some suggestions by Vape Cave for good and bad vape noises.

Vape Popping

A soft crackling pop noise is an entirely normal and predictable process. This is e-juice being heated by the coil and vaporizing, which is a good sign that your e-cigarette is working correctly. When you vape, your e-liquid comes into contact with a very hot coil, converting it to vapor.

This reaction produces a crackling sound. The volume of your vape is determined by the type of device and e-juice you use, as well as the intensity and strength of your puffs. So, these are the things that influence the crackling and popping noise:

Wattage/Voltage Level

The first cause of an instant crackle is using a sub-ohm vaping setup. An RTA with a well open airflow forces air into the vape and increases productivity. More e-liquid will condense, and less will turn to vapor, causing the noise.

When your vape wattage is too low, e-liquid cannot be evaporated sufficiently. It would help if you raised it for regular heating or attempted longer draws. Otherwise, you risk flooding your atomizer and having e-juice spit into your mouth. Increase the wattage of the device to avoid this. Consider vaping at a greater wattage to see if the noises persist.

Additionally, try adjusting the airflow to lower the amount of e-liquid. To release some air pressure, twist the collar of your sub-ohm tank.

Why Is My Vape Spitting?

Do you experience spit back when you vape? This is a common issue. The vape spits because juice collects on the coil and does not vaporize. This issue is caused by coils being flooded with too much liquid, low wattage settings, and open airflow. Therefore, the liquid spits like hot grease when frying bacon, and getting the droplets in someone’s mouth is pretty annoying.

How To Prevent Vape Spitting?


Overpriming is a typical cause of tank or RDA spitting. Priming coils is necessary, but some people overdo it by putting too much liquid on the coil and wicking it. Instead, start with a small amount to prime the coil.

Use Thicker Liquids

Since high PG (propylene glycol) liquids are thinner, they are more likely to flood a coil than high VG (vegetable glycerin) liquids. If spit back is a continued issue, try diluting the juice with VG or switching to high VG liquids.

Reduce The Airflow

Deep drags are another cause of coil flooding. Fortunately, this is a simple problem to handle. Take slower, shallower drags. Although the airflow can be tightened, the drags must remain shallower because deep drags would flood the coil regardless of the setting.

Fire The Coils Without Inhaling

Excess juice can be burnt away by firing the coils without taking a draw. Hold down the fire button and let the coils burn. For a few seconds, the additional juice will pop and sputter. The coils should not spit liquid after the popping and sputtering stops.

Final Words

So, all of the elements mentioned above may influence vape popping, crackling, and spitting. It is usually caused by the interaction of the e-liquid and the coil wire. Condensation vapor and excess droplets can make a loud noise and cause spitting problems. Vape on and enjoy the slight crackling sound of a functioning vape, which is as pleasurable as a fire in the fireplace. But if it’s bothering you, check your vape mod and fix it if necessary.

However, if your vape isn’t producing any noise and is overheating, you should be cautious and discontinue vaping immediately.

We hope this blog by Vape Cave will help you eliminate your vape’s unwanted spitting and popping. Vape Cave is known for all the famous and elegant vape devices like Uwell Caliburn Koko prime, Drag Nano, Nord 4, and many more. We have a plethora of fantastic e-liquids as well. So, visit Vape Cave and let your order deliver anywhere in Pakistan!

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