What makes the Koko Prime Vision Pod stand out?


A large variety of vape devices is available in the market, but pod systems have gained much popularity because of the excellent vaping experience they give to vapers. Vaping in Pakistan has become so popular, and brands often introduce pod devices since pods have gained popularity in the country. Therefore, it is difficult for vapers to find the right device to get the experience they desire. 

Uwell has introduced the Caliburn as the first-ever pod vape. The company is highly recognized for their sub-ohm tanks and, more recently, vape pens, and they have just added a pod system to their line-up, including Uwell Caliburn Koko Prime Vision.

This blog presents a thorough feature-centric review of the Koko Prime (Vision) Pod to show you how this device could be ideal for you. Keep reading!

Key Features Of The Koko Prime (Vision) Pod 

Here are some prominent features of the Koko Prime (Vision) Pod that give you an idea about how this vape device would be the right one for you:

Size And Weight

Although Koko Prime (Vision) Pod looks chunky, its compact size (68 x 45.6 x 17.5mm) and lightweight (53 g) make it convenient for you. A translucent body is another aspect that makes this device simply attractive and gives it a contemporary look.

This device comes with a high-tech style replaceable decorative panel. This body design lets vapers see through the device, satisfying their curiosity. 

E-Liquid Filling Capacity 

The device comes with a top filling design with a capacity of 2ml. It has a silicone pad as its cap, which is leak-free. So, one of the most favorable aspects is that this device is sealed well from its base, which prevents any liquid leaking damage.


The coil of Koko Vision is replaceable, making it far better than disposable pod systems. The coil is worth talking about because Uwell integrated the MTL coil into this device. So, this MTL device is good for less vapor production, and this feature makes it a more discreet vape and perfect for users who have just switched to vaping. 

Its generous wicking ports are another favorable aspect that helps vapers prevent burning or dry hits. These ports extend the coil’s useful life while providing vapers with a rich flavor. Indeed, it is a small part, but it really makes this vape special.

Dual Airflow

Koko Vision comes with two different airflows, which bring you an unparalleled vape experience. One side has a restrictive direct lung (RDL) or a sloppy mouth to lung (MTL). The other side is exclusively for MTL, offering a quite strong draw, which is more than satisfactory.


It is exclusively an auto-draw (buttonless) vape device performing flawlessly. You do not need to push any button to puff and take a hit. You will put the mouthpiece to your lips and get the vaping experience you want. So, it is unique from this perspective that makes Koko Vision a user-friendly vape device.

Battery Life

This vape device has a 690mAh battery that lasts longer. It has a higher maximum wattage output of 15W, so it uses slightly more power. One recharge will let you vape half of the e-liquid.

The device charges quite fast at 1.6 Amp. Indeed, you will not wait more than 20min from the first low state warning (Red).

Final Words

Uwell Caliburn Koko Prime Vision is a compact device with amazing battery life and a little chipset with a charging port. The prominent features mentioned above make this pod kit very popular among vapers.

If you need this device or any other high-quality pods and other vaping systems, e-liquids, or accessories, contact Vape Cave!

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