What Is The Shelf Life Of Vape Juice?


Have you ever found an old bottle of vape juice lying around your house and wondered how long it lasts? Is it spoiled, dangerous, and does it have an expiration date?

There is an expiration date for vape juice. The manufactured expiration date should be visible on every vape juice bottle, either on the bottom or on the label. Identical to what you’d find on food or drink.

This blog by Vape Cave, a renowned provider of vapes in Karachi, will help you learn about the expiration date of vape juice. So, go ahead and comprehend everything which you may need to know:

Are There Any Rules And Regulations?

There are no legal regulations for distributors or e-liquid manufacturers to follow regarding the length of expiration dates, displaying or advertising them.

The TRPR (Tobacco and Related Products Regulations) that control the laws and regulations do not expressly address shelf life. This guideline is for responsible manufacturers to conduct product stability trials to support their products’ shelf life.

However, since e-liquid is considered “shelf-stable,” this timeframe is far in the future. An e-liquid has a two-year shelf life when it is created. This date may be shortened if the e-liquid bottle is opened, improperly stored, or depending on the type of vape juice. However, the type of ingredients in an e-liquid might also affect its expiry date. We’ll look at two popular ingredients: PG and VG, which are used as e-liquid diluents.

How Long Does PG Lasts?

Propylene glycol (PG) aids in the prevention of deterioration over time. This means that vape liquids with a higher PG level can be used for a more extended period. However, this is due to proper e-liquid handling and storage.

How Long Does VG Lasts?

VG (vegetable glycerin) vape juice does not have the same anti-degradation properties as PG. This does not indicate that its expiration date has been pushed back. This is due to the fact that if both e-liquids contain nicotine, they will both reach their expiration date at the same time.

How To Properly Store Vape Juice?

One of the most excellent methods to guarantee that your vape juice stays as fresh as possible during its lifecycle is to store it properly.

Direct sunshine, temperature extremes, or excessive oxygen exposure are not suited for your e-liquid. A dark, room-temperature cabinet is the finest possible spot for your vape juice.

Some vapers prefer to put their e-liquid in the fridge, especially if it’s a hot summer. This makes excellent sense in a dark, cold environment, and we would recommend it as a suitable storage location.

The best advice is to keep your vape juice bottles well sealed while not in use and not resting on a window sill or near the oven.

Consumption Of The Vape juice

The amount of time that vape juice lasts depends entirely on how much you vape. It is also heavily influenced by the temperature and the power at which you vape.

If you vape at high heat, you may easily use 60 mL within a week. Vaping between 50 and 100 W with an average amount of vaping per week could consume 30 mL of juice.

What Happens When E-Liquid Expires?

A few tell-tale signs indicate that your e-liquid has passed its expiration date. The first thing you’ll notice is that your juice tastes different or lacks flavour. This will also impact the fragrance of your vape juice in the bottle.

A change in the colour of your juice is another sign. The colour of your juice will gradually deepen over time when it is exposed to oxygen. If it becomes significantly darker than you have previously noticed, it is likely over its expiration date.

Conclusive Thoughts

Vape juice degrades with time, and the worst-case scenario is that it will no longer taste the same or taste like nothing at all. You might not be able to smell it, and you won’t get the same hit or nicotine strength.

While we do not recommend vaping e-liquid over its expiration date, there is currently no proof that it is unsafe to do so.

We hope you like the above blog; continue reading our blog section for more information on vapes and vaping practices. We at Vape Cave are known for our products, and we only deal in high-quality vape devices and e-liquids like BLVK ice berry kiwi salt.

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