What Is The Right Nicotine Strength For Vaping?


What dosage of nicotine should I put in my e-liquid? Is 5% nicotine too much? Continue reading to learn the answers to frequently asked questions that both new and experienced vapers may have.

The nicotine content of vape juice varies depending on the product, so it’s important to consider a person’s baseline nicotine tolerance. This guide will help you better understand the level of nicotine strength you should take.

What Should Nicotine Do To Someone Try To Quit Cigarettes 

Nicotine levels should do the following for people who want to vape instead of smoke:

● The amount of nicotine should be equivalent to what they consumed from cigarettes. If not, they won’t likely continue vaping.

● Vaping should have the same sensation as smoking cigarettes. The nicotine content and the kind of device should be sufficient to mimic what it feels like to smoke with mouth-to-lung vaping to get the same kind of throat hit as a cigarette.

● Some former smokers are searching for a smoke-free alternative and want to find the right strength for them. Others, however, aim to start with a strong enough strength and gradually reduce it to zero.

Nicotine level should be as you need. Not too much to that, you want to have a good experience. Or not too less that you go back running to cigarettes. 

When choosing the right level of nicotine, consider these three things. 

● Have an idea about the difference between vaping and smoking.

● Different vapes have different nicotine strengths, and everyone prefers a vape that satisfies their needs. Due to its functionality and selection of nicotine strength, an electric vape is quite preferred by vapers. 

● Your smoking habits will determine the nicotine level you should choose.

What Is The Difference Of Nicotine Absorption In Vaping And Smoking?

The trickiest part is getting the right nicotine strength because the absorption of nicotine is different in vaping and smoking. One cigarette contains 10-14 mg of nicotine, and you take around 1-1.5 mg of it. It might be hard to switch to vaping, but in the long run, it keeps you healthy.

It Is About The Device You Choose

Vaping has become more efficient since innovations have been introduced. Sub-Ohm devices are the most commonly known devices today. You will have a good vaping experience with a high-wattage sub-ohm device. 

When it comes to nicotine intake, the higher you will go, the harsher your throat hit you will encounter. It is advised not to go higher than 12mg of nicotine strength with sub-ohm devices. A high level will give you dehydration, headaches, dizziness, nausea, and fatigue. These effects are common for heavy vapers. So, even when the e-juice flavor is too damn good, know your limits.

Your Smoking Habit Plays A Major Role

The final factor to consider to choose the right nicotine strength is your smoking habits. Choosing the amount of nicotine differs from person to person. 6 mg of nicotine might be the right preference for heavy smokers. 


Switching to vaping is your best choice if you want to say goodbye to cigarettes. Vaping can give you a good experience with fewer chemicals than traditional cigarettes. 

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