What Is The Current Trend In E-Liquids?


Vapers now have a wide variety of e-liquid flavors they can use. Vape in Karachi and many other cities of Pakistan has become quite widespread. However, one of the confusing situations vapers have to face is when it comes to choosing the best flavors.

If you have been vaping for a long time, surely you know the trends that liquids have experienced in recent years. Today, all vapers want to try new things, and the e-liquid market is ready to set new trends and change the expectations of an entire user community, but what will those trends be? Keep reading this blog!

The Current Trend In The E-Liquid World

Here we show you some of the trends that are currently taking place in the e-liquid world:

Fruity E-Liquids With Refreshing Touches

The vaping industry took an interesting turn by bringing fruity and beverage-flavored liquids to the market. They added icy and minty touches to give liquids a refreshing touch, rounding out their flavor for those looking for that extra touch of intensity. This trend came from liquids manufactured in Malaysia and has spread worldwide.

 This range of flavors is still valid today, and we can see them, like Juice Head Blueberry Lemon, and Sweet Mint by POP, among many other liquids. The possibilities of this combination are enormous, and the result is fresh flavors reminiscent of smoothies or fruit ice cream. Who doesn’t like that?

The End Of Sweeter Flavors

Sweet and gourmet liquids have possibly already come a long way. So, it seems apparent that it is challenging to find sweeter e-juices that can surprise you. You can find many gourmet flavors that have reached levels of sweetness that are hard to beat. This is why a possible future trend is the reduction of so much sweetness in gourmet liquids.

Another factor that is likely to change the current preferences of vapers is that a specific negative reaction to intense sweeteners would grow this year. Why? They drastically reduce the useful life of the resistances, thus increasing the cost that a vaper can have. It is especially with people using very powerful devices with very low ohm sub-ohm resistors.

It isn’t easy to know if this trend will be booming or not since, despite everything, sweet and gourmet liquids are currently very well received in the market.

The Return Of Tobacco Flavors

Typically, many people who switch to vaping find the taste of tobacco somewhat disappointing. The reason is that none have the exact and characteristic taste of cigarettes, possibly because traditional cigarettes are made up of a myriad of substances. Most substances are harmful to health and do not use in liquids for vaping.

The vaping industry often launches new tobacco liquids with greater complexity, experimenting with mixtures of flavors or different notes. They intend to create a much broader range of tobacco profiles. Within this type of flavors, we can already find liquids on the market today, such as Blvk ice berry kiwi salt, which combines the flavors of tobacco, berry, and kiwi.

Flavors With Nicotine Salts

More compact and comfortable pod-type devices have allowed the use of nicotine salts instead of free-base nicotine. Nowadays, practically all brands of liquids also manufacture optimal nicotine salts for use in Pods.

Possibly the trends regarding the devices continue to evolve, and like the Pods, they have also given rise to the arrival of the Pod Mods. These are Pod-type devices but with greater power and the characteristics that we could find in a Mod, the nicotine salts. They also adapt by presenting lower levels of nicotine to be able to use them in more powerful devices. They can also be enjoyed by vapers who enjoy sub-ohm vaping and direct lung puffs.

Final Words

It is very difficult to know which trends are going to take hold in the market. Of course, the good thing is that the vaping world in Pakistan continues to advance. Vape Cave is always within your reach if you are looking for any vaping device, e-liquid flavor like Blvk ice berry kiwi salt, or any vaping accessories. Visit our online collection and place your order right now!

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