What Are The Benefits Of Using Mouth-To-Lung Vape Tanks?


Vaping is a popular activity having diverse styles. The two major styles of which are MTL and DTL. Vaping is a fun activity that can be used to pass the time, and some people also use it to transition from smoking.

There are hundreds of e-liquids and devices available in the market today that allow people to avail the best experience there is. Different vaping styles allow people to explore different ways and select the one that suits their requirements.

What is DTL?

Direct to Lung is an advanced vaping style that allows the user to inhale the vapor directly to the lungs. This process doesn’t involve tight mouth inhaling action like a regular cigarette. You might have seen people blowing vast clouds of vapor, they are probably using DTL.

What is MTL?

Mouth to Lung is a vaping style best suited for newbies and people who are transitioning from smoking. MTL vaping style provides a tight inhale and allows the user to inhale the vapor through the mouth and then to the lungs.

MTL vaping style is one of the commonly used. There are different pods and devices available for MTL. Most people prefer MTL pods over DTL because of their multiple benefits such as.

Saves Battery: 

MTL devices do not require two coil actions. Thus they are kinder to your battery, as they don’t require as much power to operate two coils. You only have to get enough battery to support your one coil vaping experience.

Even if you get a better battery, it will only be helpful for you, as it will last for more than usual. Some devices will allow you to go for three days without lacking in performance.

E-liquid Consumption:

MTL devices consume fewer liquids as compared to DTL devices. You are operating at low power, as discussed earlier. Therefore you are burning fewer e-fluids when you use an MTL device.

You can use an MTL tank if you have become sick of burning e-fluids inside your sub-ohm tank. Tanks and devices can indeed reduce your e-liquid burning. E-liquid is one of the expensive usable items in vaping, as all the rest is a one-time investment.

When you’re looking for a good MTL pod that is kind to your battery and has low e-fluid consumption, Wenax K1 would be an adequate investment as it is a pod system kit designed to endure high power output that can support a 600 mah battery for prolonged use.

Stealth Vaping:

When you are out in public with your friends, sometimes you might not want to blow huge vapor clouds. It’s better to switch to stealth vaping once in a while. Thus, MTL devices are best for stealth vaping and are compact to keep in your pocket.

MTL devices carry good flavor along with controlled vapor clouds. You can use this feature when you need to slow down on substantial vape clouds.

Variety of E-liquids:

MTL vaping e-liquids are very different from DTL. As when using DTL, you would want an e-liquid that has higher VG for a smooth inhale. In comparison, you need the opposite for an MTL vape juice. You would want a tight inhaling experience while using MTL.

The best vape e-liquids for MTL are the ones that serve higher PG ratios, as it provides you with a flavorful experience that also gives a hit. There is a huge variety of e-juices available for Mouth to Lung vaping styles. More and more MTL e-fluids are being introduced in the market as they are widely preferred.


When looking for a better vaping experience, trying out new things is essential because you don’t know what you might enjoy. DTL and MTL are both different styles that provide an entirely different experience from one another.MTL is one style that is preferred most, and MTL devices are used by a majority of people because of their benefits, as mentioned earlier. Nevertheless, if you are searching for a reliable vape store to get quality accessories. Vape Cave is the best place.

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