Ways To Get The Best Flavor From Vaping


Vaping has become popular because of the main reason that it is considerably less harmful than smoking. Most people are vaping so that they can reduce or quit their smoking habits. Vaping is a safer and convenient option than smoking.

When it comes to vaping, it’s not all about producing dense smoke. Getting the full extent of the flavor is also a factor for you to consider. Some vapers would prefer the flavor over huge clouds of vapor.

The satisfaction of vaping relies on the perfect balance of flavor and clouds of vapor. You can produce significant clouds of vapor and still enjoy the flavor. However, here are some of the ways to get the best flavor from vaping.

  1. Adjusting the temperature settings: 

Adjusting the temperature and voltage settings of your device can improve the flavor. Different devices have different settings. Controlling the temperature would improve the taste and adjusting voltage will prevent dry burns.

You can gradually go up until you hit the sweet spot. However, you should remember that every e-liquid has its sweet spot. Therefore you would have to try the same procedure with each e-liquid individually. For instance, some e-fluids might reach their sweet spot at 20 W, while another might reach at 35 W.

The central aspect of getting the best flavor is the temperature of the coil, as the hotter your coil is capable of getting, the better flavor you would get. There are temperature control devices such as Geekvape Z50 can make them perfect for flavor chasing, as it limits the maximum temperature of the coil.

  1. Reducing airflow:

Most people prefer a big airflow because it produces enormous vapor clouds, as the vapor gets less dense. Hence, the downside of letting a lot of air pass through the coil also compromises the flavor.

The best way to get the full flavor is by reducing the airflow. Once the airflow is reduced, it makes the vapor denser and flavorful. Devices with adjustable airflow can help you reduce it with ease.

Reducing the airflow too much could also result in poor vapor. Thus you need to maintain a balance of vapor and flavor. You can gradually reduce the airflow until you meet your requirements.

  1. Choosing the suitable coil:

The flavor that you get depends mainly upon the type of flavor you select. Although your personal preference is the most important thing, getting a coil that works well with your e-liquid and device will maximize your taste.

It would be best to prefer sub-ohm tanks that support coils under one ohm of resistance. Coils under one ohm, when used with appropriate devices, will significantly boost cloud-chasing as well as flavor-chasing.

  1. Using the suitable wicking materials:

Most people don’t know this, but the material you use for wicking can considerably impact your vaping experience. Initially, vapers used silica wicks for e-cigarettes, but that ended up compromising the flavor. Therefore most vapers now prefer cotton as the new wicking material.

Cotton also comes in different forms, as most people preferred using organic cotton balls for vapes online. Now people are drawn towards Japanese cotton because it has excellent wicking capabilities and cleans perfectly. It is available in square sheets that make wicking an easy task, so using it would be a wiser choice for better flavor.

  1. The VG: PG ratio:

Vapors usually develop a preference for their e-liquid VG/PG ratio. Most vapers who prefer cloud-chasing choose the e-juices with a high VG ratio for vaping vast vapor clouds. However, if you consider flavor over vapor clouds, it would be best to prefer a high PG e-fluid.

A high VG ratio would impart a strong flavor into the juice. Whereas an e-liquid with a high PG ratio would not. Which is the main reason that a higher PG ratio allows you to experience maximum flavor.


Most vapers choose to get bigger and better clouds, while others get the maximum flavor out of it. Therefore if you prefer flavor-chasing over cloud-chasing, the tips mentioned above can surely help you.

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