Vaping Culture In Pakistan


What Is Vaping:

People have been consuming tobacco and nicotine in the form of smoking for thousands of years, which has significantly led them to addiction and craving habits. However, in the past years, many researchers have found that excessive intake of tobacco can lead to many harmful diseases followed by a wide range of infections causing fatalities.

To overcome this situation and accommodate people with their craving habits, inventors came across vaping. It involves inhaling vapor that comes out from electronic cigarettes. These e-cigarettes help to undermine the injurious effects of smoking. A major difference that distinguishes smoking from vaping is, smoking creates combustion to burn tobacco, which spread harmful fume in the air. However, vaping involves the heating of e-liquid which creates a vapour just like the steam of boiling water. Thus, vaping is safer than smoking. Vaping is not harmful as smoking because it delivers nicotine instead of tobacco in cigarettes. It is an important contributor to quitting smoking. Switching to vaping requires a proper understanding of nicotine levels suitable for a person, as this will help in having a successful experience.

How Do Vaping Devices Work?

Most vaping devices include four basic components that are:

  • A container or cartridge which holds the e-liquid
  • An atomizer to heat the liquid
  • A battery that generates energy to heat the liquid into vapor
  • A mouthpiece used to inhale the vapor.

Vaping In Pakistan:

Vaping culture in Pakistan has transformed in the past few years. Before that many people used to compare vaping with sheesha and hookah. However, vaping is different and has its own devices and using techniques. There was just a hand full of vape stores in Pakistan and people were unaware of it. Nowadays, the vaping industry has grown exponentially in Pakistan with an abundance of vape stores nationwide.

Vaping has become a center of attraction for youth in Pakistan, as it is self-assisted and does not require particular guidelines to follow. It is considered the most relevant substitute for smoking and has become popular among people because of its sleek design and technical features.

Types Of Vapers In Pakistan:

Vaping industry in Pakistan has reached its threshold in the upper class, where people from youth to old-age are fond of consuming nicotine. Usually, the types include two main groups, one who gets intrigued by the tech-savvy invention of cigarettes and end up giving it a try. On the other hand, some ex-smokers tend to refrain from smoking by vaping.

Best E-liquids In Pakistan:

Flavors are abundant in e-liquids from which people can choose their favorite ones. Some of the top flavors are the following:

  1. Desert E-liquids:

This type has the easiest category to select the flavors and leaves an amazing scent after the vapor is released. Among many flavors, some of them are Grumpy Old Bastard, Naked Strawberry, Vapetasia Killer Custard, etc.

  1. Fruity E-liquids:

There is a wide range of fruity e-liquids such as Sweet Mango, Blue Raspberry, Blueberry Lemonade, Mango Blackcurrant, etc.

  1. Tobacco E-liquids:

This flavor is mostly consumed by ex-smoker, as it gives the same flavor as smoking. Among many flavors, some of them are Vapetasia Royalty Two, Vanilla Custard Tobacco, Caramel Tobacco, etc.

To conclude, the bloom of vaping industry in Pakistan seems promising, as more and more people are converging towards it as an alternative for tobacco smoking. These vapes could only be imported to Pakistan earlier but vape in Lahore and other metropolitan cities is easily available. Considerably, vaping is surely a safe and fun option for anyone who wants to make sure their social gatherings are interesting. The best part about these vape dealers is that they ensure quality products at affordable prices. These two things make buying vapes in Pakistan easier and quicker. You can always visit their online websites and make a good guess about their products and accessories. Adding these accessories to your e-cigarettes will help you upgrade the look of your device and give it a unique edge.

Vape Cave is among the leading stores in Pakistan that accommodates many brands, such as Switch Mini, Geek Bar, Veiik, Argus, Juul, Renova, etc. All these dealers display high-end quality products that are available online at reasonable prices. They offer a wide range of vaping products that can be delivered to buyers at their doorstep.

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