Vape Devices that are Best for you in 2022


We know that the new year just kicked in. Vaping turned out to be a hobby for many people around the world. As the year 2022 is here, we are already in the early days of Q1. Vapers will be looking for vape kits and devices that they can purchase and go on their vaping trips with it. If you are looking for online vape shops in our country, check out our website.

Let’s jump into this blog and see what devices made their way to this list. We have tailored this list for you guys. Take a look at this list:

Vaporesso XROS Mini:

The very first contender on this list is a vape kit from a popular brand known as Vaporesso. Vaporesso is a well-recognized brand among vapers across the globe. They have a great product lineup. XROS Mini is one of those devices that Vaporesso has rolled out for the vaping industry. This device has a compact and sleek shape. It’s slim and button-less. Easy to use and easy to carry for the user. Furthermore, it boasts a 1000mAh built-in rechargeable battery. You can go easily for 2 days without charging. In addition, you can up to 16W with this device.

SMOK Nord 4:

The second device on this list is the Nord 4. This device belongs to SMOK’s Nord series. It is the most powerful vape system of the popular Nord series. Nord 4 boasts an integrated 2000mAh rechargeable built-in battery. This massive battery lets this device put out 80W output power. It is compatible with SMOK’s RPM coil series lineup. Moreover, this vape device supports direct lung and mouth-to-lung vaping styles. In addition, this incredible device is available in many styles and designs.

For monitoring the resistance, battery life, and wattage range, there’s an OLED display housed in this device. Also, you can top it up around 5mL with your favourite vape juice.

UWell Caliburn G:

The third vape device that you should get your hands-on from this list is from one of the popular vaping brands. UWell is a well-recognized brand among the vapers across the world. Most of the people in the vaping world are aware of the starter kits that UWell offers to the vaping industry. Caliburn G is one of the best starter kits from this brand. It has a sleek and slim style. Easy to use and easy to carry. A bigger battery is housed in this device so that you can vape for a longer time. Moreover, the adjustable airflow and replaceable coils do wonders for people.

For the charging, you don’t have to worry. It supports USB Type-A charging, which makes it pretty easy for everyone. If you are looking for online vape shops in Pakistan, check us out right now.


The last contender on our list is an unbeatable device from a very popular brand. VOOPOO is a pretty famous vaping brand among fellow vapers across the globe. VOOPOO has released some impeccable devices, and Drag S is one of those devices. It has impressive aesthetics and is very comfortable to hold. It boasts an integrated 2500mAh rechargeable battery that can produce power up to 60 watts.

You know it pumps out plenty of power, you don’t have to worry about the charging, thanks to the USB Type-C Cable included in the box. Moreover, VOOPOO new generation GENE.TT chip is housed in it. In addition, it is compatible with all PnP coils of VOOPOO.

Now you are pretty much aware of the vape devices that you should get for this year. If you are in search of online vape stores, why not check us out? We have an incredible vape collection.


To summarize this, vaping is a fun thing to do. It is an alternative to cigarettes for some and a hobby for some. The devices we have mentioned above will give you a great vaping experience. You can check all these devices in our vape device collection.

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