Understanding E-liquids: Some Awesome Flavors Available at Vapecave


Vaping is a relatively new trend in Pakistan. Though nascent, the industry has managed to attract a large number of people. The primary market position of vapes is that they serve as a potent substitute for smoking.

Many people have made the switch and have successfully quit smoking. Even chain smokers who would consume a couple of packets a day are triumphant of bidding farewell to cigarettes. All thank the vaping industry in Pakistan.

Initially, when the industry came to Pakistan, it was difficult to acquire quality products. Most franchises did not even have a presence in cities other than Karachi and Islamabad. Now, dynamics have changed. 

Premium vape shops like vapecave make all the high-quality products and flavors available. Not only that, you can order products online and get them delivered to your doorsteps. This is a positive sign that people are making better life choices. 

Here we’ll discuss one primary element that makes vaping so enjoyable and unique- E-liquids.

E-liquids: An Insight

Primarily, E-liquids are made of a combination of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG). They are the soul of the vaping industry. Both the elements, PG and VG, are mixed in different concentrations to give the users a satisfying experience.

There’s a further division in flavors. A more recent one, rather. Now the flavors offer freebase nicotine and salt-based nicotine. Both flavors have different devices; however, few devices offer compatibility with both freebase and salt-based nicotine. 

There are tons of E-liquid flavors that make vaping a unique experience. They have different concentrations of nicotine; therefore, everyone can choose what satisfies them the best. The best thing about vaping is the vast range of flavors that are offered. There are so many flavors that even if you try a new one every day, it’s practically impossible to try each one of them.

Let’s now jump to a few favorite E-Juice Pakistan. All of the flavors below are amazing and can be easily purchased from vapecave:

Big Apple ICED By POP

Big Apple ICED By POP is a unique mixture of apple and mint. This unique fusion offers an exciting combination that soothes your tastebuds. Frankly, this is what I love about vaping flavors. It offers such exciting combinations of flavors that you feel like smoking cigarettes is absolute trash.

This is one of the premium E-liquids in Pakistan and can be purchased from vapecave.

Skwezed Ice – Lychee ICE

Another unique fusion that’s available at vapecave, Skwezed Ice, offers you a refreshing taste of Lychee and mint. This flavor is preferred by many people who switched from smoking. 

Those who use this flavor have a marvelous experience. The bottle offers 100ml of freebase liquid that’s enough to last over a month for an average user. 

This is probably the best way to get your nicotine dose without getting any harmful chemicals like tar and carcinogens that you would otherwise get if you smoked cigarettes.

Daze Salt – Apple Strawberry ICED

Imagine a fusion of Apple and strawberry topped with mint. Just in mind, you can see how fascinating a combination this one is. At vape cave, you can avail this product and use it with your vapes. 

The product comes in a 30ml package and is a salt-nicotine variant. The flavor tickles your tastebuds while providing the nicotine punch you deserve. It’s delicious; it’s tasty, it’s YUM!

Final Thoughts 

Above mentioned are just three of the countless exciting flavors available at vapecave. There are varieties of freebase and salt-nic flavors that one can choose.

At vapecave, you can find the best E-liquids in Pakistan. You can even order online, and the products will be safely delivered at your doorsteps. It’s time to choose a better alternative and quit smoking altogether. 

Let us help you on your journey to quit smoking by offering you the best available flavors for vapes!

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