Top Five Reasons for Switching to Vaping


Vaping vs Smoking:

Smoking is undoubtedly injurious to the health of a smoker but also to the people in the surrounding. Although smoking is a preventable habit, more people are driven towards persistent smoking rather than quitting. Smoking develops intense addition of tobacco and urges to smoke which gets difficult to give up.

Smoking causes the combustion of tobacco which produces tar. Tar spreads many detrimental chemicals in the environment. Whereas, vaping contains e-liquid that is heated by a battery, forming a vapor.

According to researches, vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking because it does not produce tar from its vapor like tobacco. Since nicotine is also present in vaping and can be addictive, however, the way it’s delivered makes a huge difference. In vaping, e-liquid is present with nicotine and another flavor that tones down the raucous reaction of nicotine, unlike smoking. Many successful smokers have switched to kick their nicotine addiction. Vaping outweighs smoking in many different ways, out of which five top reasons are given below:

Enduring Health:

People who shift to vaping experience considerable differences in their health followed by high immunity level, easy breathing, improved functioning of lungs, and normalized blood pressure. More importantly, it increases the life cycle of an ex-smoker. It also keeps ex-smokers from developing cancer which is caused by smoking.


Vaping is far more cost-friendly than smoking. The direct price of the vaping kit and their accessories are higher, however, they can be easily used for long-term improbable to cigarettes. That’s why vaping does not share the stress of spending every day on a traditional cigarette.


Usually, smokers have a hard time going out to social gatherings and areas where smoking is prohibited. Vaping, on the other hand, is environment friendly because it does not release harmful fumes which pollute the environment. Unlike smoking vaping does not release an odor that resides in hair, clothes, and mouth for a long period. Hence, this is a noticeable reason for ex-smokers to switch to vaping. Smoking requires fire to light up the cigarette which has tons of side-effect unlike vaping.

Second-Hand Vapour:

It takes seconds to diffuse vapor without spreading a pungent smell in the environment. Second-hand vapor has a trivial effect on the people in surrounding as it does not burn tobacco. Therefore, it is much safer than second-hand smoke.

Variety of Flavours:

Vaping has a variety of flavors rather than smoking. These flavors help to enhance the experience of vaping. Among the abundance of flavors custard, caramel, apple, blackcurrant, and blueberry are the top favorites of people. Due to these endless flavors in e-liquids, people are more attracted to try them.

Vaping has lately captured the market and become more popular than tobacco cigarettes. Vaping is way easier than smoking as vapers do not have to carry out ashes and dirt from smoking. In recent years, more people are driving towards vaping because of its fewer fire risks.

Lastly, vaping is the best possible alternative for smoking as it is eco-friendly and less complex than smoking. It is not needed to litter and burnt after usage. Due to having a large market vaping industry is thriving exponentially all over the world. All vape stores provide different types of vaping products ranging from high-end to affordable prices. Vaping is self-explanatory and easier for everyone to try just by having a complete vaping kit. It has control over the amount of vapor that is needed which makes it convenient for every type of vapor. Due to the addition of flavor in e-liquid, the higher risks of nicotine are lessened. Vaping helps to become drug-free, as smoking addiction causes depression, anxiety, and many other psychological problems. Thus, switching to vaping could help resist these problems.

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