Top 3 Picks of Fruity E-Juices and Salt-NICs


Commonly, people get confused among the vast available choices of vape liquids or salts. That is because only some flavors are for everyone using a vape. Certain flavors dreaded by some are loved wholeheartedly by a different group. Therefore, you should explore all flavors before deciding which suits you best. 

Vapecave brings you three exciting fruity flavors of E-Juices and Salt-NICs each. These are the most loved and famous, which we think shouldn’t be missed by anyone exploring fruity flavors.


There isn’t much difference between E-Juices and salt-NICs, except that they have an added acid that is present in our bodies naturally. Giving vapors a more genuine nicotine experience. Our top picks include: 

Iced Berry Kiwi Salt

This flavor is of BLVK Pink Series, known as Blvk ice berry kiwi salt. The menthol flavor gives a very calm and refreshing feel to the throat. The berry and kiwi flavors complement each other, providing a smooth and fruity taste enjoyed by the group who are into sweet tasting experiences. The vapor which forms through this flavor is immensely gentle, and beginners have also appreciated it. 

Iced Berry Peach Salt 

The flavor also belongs to the BLVK Pink Series and is called Blvk ice berry peach saltAll the flavors with ice mentioned mean that they have menthol as an ingredient for that burst of chilly inhale. The blend offers an incredibly velvety smooth taste of fresh berries and peaches complementing each other. 

Grape Apple Ice Fusion Salt

Grape Apple Ice is a Fusion series by BLVK Unicorn. It comes in a 30ML bottle, enriched with the crisp taste of apples. The intense and delicious ice erupts in your mouth, giving you a delightful adventure in the fruity and icy world of smooth vapors. Every hit engulfs you with the tangy grapes tickling on your tongue. The complex yet subtle fusion of the two fruits with a sweet and sour taste provides a burst of sweetness once inhaled, becoming more intense. A flavor should be on a must-try list for everyone who enjoys the sweet and sour hit of candies. 


E-liquid or E-Juice is the liquid flavor used in vape pens and other similar items. It is the item responsible for giving the inhale its taste and the hit of nicotine. The vape pen’s battery warms the liquid, giving you the silky-smooth vapor enjoyed by everyone. The E-Juice comes in several flavors and mixtures, which everyone wants.

Strawberry Pom – Naked 100

Naked offers a perfect blend for the hot summers of Pakistan. A fresh cool sensation with every inhale to give the right amounts of jolts to awaken your body up. The sweet and minty combinations have never gone wrong. Buyers have claimed to enjoy Strawberry Pom by Naked so much that they do not want to put it down. A perfect companion during the hot day’s drive back from work or university.

Ripe Ice Kiwi Dragon Berry

Flavors enriched with kiwi are a public favorite, and they have said that kiwi flavors have a very natural, delightful taste. Ripe calls this flavor their beast as they claim to have jazzed it up. Kiwi fruit with a burst of berries mixed with it curates a perfectly harmonious punch that tastes like a piece of soft music to your taste buds.

Wild Brew Super Watermelon

Super Watermelon by Wild Brew is the right amount of scrumptious, red, and ripe watermelon. The juiciest flavor to enjoy for people with a sweet tooth. 

Vape Cave has many other flavors that different people can enjoy. Our website has dedicated sections for E-Juices, Vaporizers, Salt NICs, and much more. The website has accessories and is your one-stop shop, equipped for all your Vape related needs.

Visit our website and explore the best imported Salt-NIC and E-Juice in Pakistan with a wide range of flavors according to your mood today.

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