Tips For Vape Tricks You Need To Know


Turning smoke into rings is no longer a big deal because e-cigarettes have taken the smoke tricks to a whole new level. Doing vape tricks is no less than an art now, as people have been doing them on television too. The most common thought that crosses our minds is the wish to copy those vaping tricks. We understand that mastering them can be difficult, but every master has a starting point. 

You need to keep in mind that you too, can become a vaping master with the right time and practice, but it is important to ensure you work in the right direction. You see vapes everywhere, it is not uncommon to see vapes in Karachi, Lahore, or Islamabad. It means that there are people out there who have more vaping experience than you do. Thus, it is important not to make any rookie mistakes. You can follow a few simple tips to make sure that you start mastering these tricks as soon as you begin. So, let’s see what these tips are:

Cigarette tricks are different from vaping tricks

A common misconception that most people have is that it is similar to smoke with a traditional cigarette and an e-juice device. The mechanisms of both these sources are different and so is the result. It is more difficult to do vaping tricks with a cigarette because it produces thinner smoke. This lesser density makes it harder for the users to be creative with their ticks. 

Contrary to this, the e-cigarettes are capable of producing more fumes and thicker clouds, which allows you to play around with them more. You can also manipulate these thick clouds in innovative ways to make sure your vaping tricks are unmatchable. The devices allow you to produce better quality smoke and ultimately better tricks, so make sure that you keep this in mind the next time you try and pull off your e-cig tricks with a traditional cigarette.

Adjust your vape juice quantity

Vapes require e-juice to produce the vapor. The coil in the device burns this source to produce fumes. We suggest that you use these e-juices as per your need and practice a bit before you try your vaping tricks. It may seem irrelevant to do so, but what most people forget is that inhaling too much can make you dizzy. Another important thing to keep in mind is to attempt these vaping tricks once you have enough experience with normal inhaling and exhaling with vapes. We recommend inhaling and letting out a few clouds before you attempt your tricks.

Gain control over your lungs

Vaping tricks are all about controlling the flow of air from and to your body. Anyone who wants to excel at vaping tricks needs to train their lungs to function accordingly. Frankly speaking, you will not be able to do the difficult tricks if you do not have control over your breathing. So, make sure you try the simpler tricks first before you go on master the more difficult ones.

Attempt easier tricks first

A common mistake that most people do is starting with the most difficult tricks first. We suggest that you should stick to something simple if you are new to these e-cigarettes. There are tons of benefits of doing this. For instance, you can train your body for these tricks starting with simpler ones. It can help you improve your breath control and help you come up or replicate more difficult tricks later on. Following this approach will help you minimize the chances of dizziness and feeling uncomfortable. 

Choose a room that does not have too much air

It is nearly impossible to do an e-cig trick under a fast-running fan or a place that has too much air. You can keep on trying to do so but it will not work because the air will disperse your clouds too fast, making you unable to perform your desired tricks. So, it is important to choose a place for your tricks where you have a bit of control over the environment. You can try turning on the air conditioner because it does not hit you with any direct air or high-intensity gusts. 

We hope that these tricks help you master the art of vaping. If you are willing o buy vapes, contact Vape Cave.

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