The Vaping Culture In Pakistan


One of the fastest-growing trends around the world is vaping. You can see millions of vape users around the globe. Statistics indicate that there are 10.5 million vape users in the United States alone. Other countries like the United Kingdom, China, France, and many others have all been utilizing these vaping devices to their full potential because of their perks.

Pakistan, much like these countries has also become a fast-growing user of these e-cigarettes and although these devices were introduced only a few years back, they are highly successful. Today people of every age group in Pakistan are using vapes to their full potential. The vapes were only a thing for the elite class of Pakistan in the beginning but today, you will see almost every adult having a vape.

Even though electric vapes were introduced as an alternative to tobacco consumption, Pakistani people are using vapes and cigarettes both to increase the pleasure of smoking. You can find Vapes in Multan, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, or other major cities of Pakistan quite easily. 

Demand in Vapes

The demand for these e-cig devices has also given rise to new businesses. As people are not only ordering vapes online but are also buying them from vape shops directly. With the increase in the competition of vape shops, these vapes are more readily available for better prices. You can go to almost every public place and you will find a youth vaping and spreading fruity scents all over the place. The vaping culture in Pakistan has also given rise to a very important debate.

 Many people in Pakistan mistake these e-cigarettes for shishas. Most of these people are ignorant of e-cigarette smoking and think that since these e-devices do not use tobacco as a source they are Shishas and are looked down upon. However, things have to start to improve around in people as you will find people getting educated about these e-cigarettes and their perks. There are numerous reports of health preservation authorities around the world that declare these e-cigs a 95% better alternate for anyone who is into smoking. 

The latest generation of e-cigarettes is highly in demand because of their functionality and their design. These devices are USB shaped and are great for the tech-savvy newer generation in Pakistan. The increasing trends of using this electric vape indicate that nearly 5-8% of the population of youth in the country has switched to these devices. The best part about these vapes that most people are unaware of is that you can enjoy them even if you are not a smoker.

There are plenty of flavors and options available for anyone who is looking for a nicotine-free source in their vaping devices. You can find these electric devices as cheap at Rs. 2000, and as expensive as 20,000 or more depending on the kind of brand and device that you go for. The prices of these vapes may be a big factor for many people not switching to these devices because this amount is not easy for most people to spend in Pakistan.

Marketing Vapes

The Pakistani marketing industry and social media platforms are trying their level best to advertise these devices and introduce them as a new alternate instead of a nuisance. Estimates suggest that we could see a great amount of betterment in the country in terms of tobacco addiction if these campaigns become successful. These e-cigarettes could provide a great opportunity Pakistanis for to quit their smoking or tobacco chewing habit. It is because these devices replicate the chemical effect of smoking as they can have nicotine content in them. However, they will not inflict the damages of tar and other harmful substances when you use them.

That being said, we agree that the concept of e-cigarettes is surely new to Pakistan and will take some more time to grow onto people. But we know that people here are accepting and adopting these devices as a means of their nicotine needs in a safer way, which looks promising for the future. Thanks to all of these advancements, you can find hundreds of variants of these vaping devices in Pakistan that are readily available. So, we suggest you switch to vaping if you are a tobacco consumer of any kind.

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