The Ultimate Guide To Vape Pods


The electronic cigarettes and vape industry have been growing exponentially in the past decades. More people are trying vaping rather than smoking. Just like any other online shopping website, there are many forums to buy vape pods online and other related vaping accessories.

A vape pod contains a pre-filled container that does not require refill and storage of liquid. Vaping pods are the most convenient pick for beginners. Due to the versatility of different types of vape pods, buyers can customize their vape pods according to their needs.

Origin of Vape Pods:

Vape pods were invented to defy the extra use of vapors into a strong and powerful nicotine boost. Many attempts were failed to come up with a device that could enhance the abilities of a basic vaping device with less complexity. Disposable Juul pods were first invented by Pax labs, which focused on giving people– a simpler and creating a product that will help ex-smokers to quit smoking steadily.

Juul pods turned out to be extremely popular among people and satisfied the needs of every kind of vapers. Juul pods attracted many people to quit smoking and start a new experience of vaping. After the impeccable strike of Pod’s popularity, many other manufacturers started to develop them due to increased production demands. Ever since their invention, these pods have become substantially famous in the contemporary world and with more astounding features and designs.

Benefits of Vape Pods:

  • Vape pods are easy to handle and can be drawn anywhere without being noticed.
  • They are concise and smaller in size, which makes them more suitable for people.
  • They are pocket-friendly.
  • They have higher nicotine power with fewer vapors.
  • Their disposable pod feature makes them easy to carry and more facilitative.
  • Vape pods have an aesthetic catch in their designs and formats.

Categories of Vape pods Online:

There are two basic types of vape pods:

  1. Open vape Pod Systems:

Open pods systems have a refillable pod that comes empty and the vaper could fill the pod with the desired flavor. Open pods require a bit more maintenance, as they constitute a wide range of flavors and nicotine ratio for the buyer to figure out, and hence, it lacks portability and accessibility. This pod system has a very powerful draw, along with a variety of flavors. It is cheaper, environment-friendly, and can be used in the long term rather than the closed pods.

  1. Pre-filled/ Closed Pods:

These pods contain a pre-filled container with e-liquid. They can be reused just by adding another disposable pod of e-liquid. Usually, one pod is considered to be equivalent to a pack of cigarettes. Commonly, the flavors in close pods are fruity with a more basic variety of nicotine. The nicotine range levels are also limited in these pods as compared to the open pods. These pods are more suitable for beginners, as it draws through the throat with less intensity than the open pods. Closed pods are way more portable, and only require refills to carry with them. Regardless of holding the same e-liquid, these pods can be switched to another flavor without having residues of the former flavor.

To sum up, vape pods are much easier to find and use when a buyer is aware of the above-mentioned information. Vape pods are certainly more effective in terms of intensity and ranges for nicotine. Selectively, vape pods are efficient, as they can be reused and are a one-time investment. Due to their compactness and transportable sizes, vape pods are more popular than other vaping devices. Among vape pods, Juul pods are the pioneers and most popular. They contain concentrated nicotine and relatively a small battery that delivers invisible exhalation.

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