The Ultimate Guide to Vape Coils


The vaping world can be a mysterious place at times. There are a plethora of specialized terminologies, thousands of devices to pick from, and a number of vaping styles. Vaping can be taken as a trend, while many individuals came from smoking to vaping, which adds to the acceptance of vapes over traditional cigarettes. Following such a trend, we must know about the vape device and its components.

Today, we’ll take a deeper look at coils, as it is one of the most basic and essential components of any vaping device.

How Do Vape Coils Work?

Coils, which are also known as atomizers, are the parts of your vaping device that produce vapor. The heating element, wicking substance, and casing are the three main components. A coil’s casing just ties everything together and makes it easy to insert the coil in your tank or pod. The wicking material, which is usually organic cotton, absorbs the e-liquid and transports it to the heating element. The heating element is usually known as the coil, it is formed of resistance wire wound in a typical coil or from strips of resistance mesh (which is known as a mesh coil).

When you inhale and push the power button on your vape, the coil warms up, and the vaporized e-liquid mixes with the air to form a vapor. The heat draws more e-liquid from the wicking material into the coil, and the wicking draws more e-liquid in from your tank or pod.

We spend so much time fine-tuning our coil designs, since this cycle relies on a delicate balance of heat and wicking efficiency!

What are the Different Types of Coil?

MTL Coil

MTL coils are also known as “mouth-to-lung” coils. They are intended to simulate the sensation of smoking a typical cigarette. It signifies a low power output and a tight draw. MTL coils are designed to be used with e-liquids that have a higher nicotine content to better replicate the “throat hit” of a cigarette.

Look at the diameter of the coil inside a coil head to see if it’s designed for MTL vaping or not. An MTL coil’s tiny diameter allows extremely restricted airflow while maximizing flavor output even at low wattages.

Since this design is ideally adapted to low power output, MTL coils are typically manufactured from conventional round wire.

DL Coil

DL coils are also known as “direct-to-lung” coils. They are made to handle a lot of power, a lot of airflows, and a lot of vapor. Instead of classic round wire, most DL coils now use mesh strips.

The diameter of the coil inside a coil head that is suited for DL vaping can be determined by just looking at it. A DL coil’s large bore provides for the most airflow, vapor production, and heat dissipation. In general, DL coils must be used with a power output of 40W or higher.

So, What’s the Difference Between Round Wire and Mesh Strips?

Traditional round wire coils and mesh strip coils are both quite popular, but what’s the difference, and which is best for you?

Round wire is typically used for lower-wattage coil heads. This is due to their excellent performance at low temperatures. Changing the wire thickness or several wraps is also an easy way for the manufacturer to improve performance.

Mesh strips are commonly used for coil heads with medium and high wattages. Mesh coils heat up quickly and have a huge surface area, making them perfect for e-liquid absorption at high temperatures. Mesh coils also have a low overall resistance concerning their mass, which puts a strain on smaller batteries with limited power output.

Final Words

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