The Top 4 Disposable Vapes To Try In 2022


A disposable vape is great for beginner vapers, so they can familiarize themselves with the world of vaping. Vapes in Pakistan have become very common over the last few years, and disposable vapes have consequently gained popularity during this time as well. 

Due to their safety profile in comparison to traditional smokes, many people are switching to this less harmful alternative. As the consumers increase, so do the retailers. Pakistan is now essentially equipped with ample vape stores where you can find good quality disposable vapes, e liquids, pods, mods, and other vaping products. 

A disposable vape is an affordable e-cigarette that offers various advantages over other types of vapes. First, they are easy to use with minimum components and simple operations. If you are a new vaper, you can start with this uncomplicated version of an e-cigarette and then switch to more complicated devices like pod kits and mods. 

Our Top Picks:

If you are in search of a disposable vape that is high quality and offers an indulgent flavor, then you have come to the right place. In this blog, we have listed the best disposable vapes you can find in Pakistan.

Zeltu Go Disposable Vape:

Zeltu Go vapes consist of various amazing fruit flavors and blends. It is a small, easy-to-carry vape stick that is not too hefty to maintain and use. With an internal non-rechargeable battery and 2ml e-liquid capacity, you do not have to worry about charging or refilling your device. 

This e-cigarette is great if you are trying to switch from smoking, as its design and features offer a similar experience to that of traditional smoke. The intense flavors will burst in your mouth while giving you the strong nicotine hit every vaper looks for. 

BLVK Disposable Vape-Grape Aloe:

This is a compact, lightweight device that can be easily carried at the airport or workplace. The small stick has an e juice capacity of 7 ml, which will help make your vape last for a longer time. You can enjoy this vape pen for a lot longer without worrying about the e juice running out. 

The nicotine concentration in this vape is 5%, which is an ideal strength for most beginner vapers. You can use this device for up to 2500 puffs while enjoying the juicy flavor of grapes combined with the refreshing notes of aloe. 

IVG Bar Max – Mango Lychee:

This is a new device that utilizes the latest technology in disposable vapes. You can smoke this ergonomic, small-sized, and satisfying device anywhere and anytime. The vape comes with a pre-filled 8 ml e-liquid tank. The best among the flavors is mango lychee which is a delectable fruit blend. 

It combines sweet notes of mango with the nice flavor of lychee to give you an irresistible taste. The brand also uses food-grade ingredients, cotton wick, and premium e liquids to build this device, which is a plus.

Drule Disposable Vape:

Drule disposable vapes are light on the pocket in terms of money and provide great flavors. You can enjoy a variety of flavors including banana ice, gummy bear, pineapple, strawberry, and various other fruit blends. 

The device will last you a lot longer than most other vape pens due to the 8ml e-liquid capacity. You will enjoy each puff with an enhanced flavor and higher nicotine hit. The cartridge of this device contains 50mg of tobacco-free salt nicotine for an elevated vaping experience.

These are our top picks from the disposable vape category. If you are a vaper looking for authentic and good-quality disposable vapes, you can visit Vape Cave. Alternatively, if you are past the disposable vaping stage and want to try a more elaborate device, you can try the Caliburn A2 pod system from our collection. 

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