The Future of E-Cigarettes


You probably would have laughed if someone mentioned amalgamating technology and cigarettes. With the constant advancements in technology, we have finally made a revolutionary device called e-cigarettes. It is a portable device that is electrically powered and uses e-juice as a source to produce fumes and smoke. These e-cigs have taken the world by storm, and there are millions of vape users around the globe. The advent of these e-devices began in Europe, but it has also made its way into South Asia.

Today, you can search for vapes in Faisalabad or any other city on the internet, and find so many sources to buy yourself a vaping device. Pakistani society is accepting the vape culture quite quickly. You would be surprised to know that the use of these devices was almost unknown just a few years back. Things have changed drastically, as you will see people of different age groups using these e-devices for various reasons. Whatever the reason for using your e-cigarettes may be, you cannot deny the fact that using e-cigarettes is both easy and functional.

E-cigarettes and improvements 

One of the best things about these vaping devices is that they are in constant flux. The vape enthusiasts are trying their level best to make sure that these devices keep improving. Like any other technology, vaping devices have gone through a lot of changes.

The first-generation vapes were quite different from the ones that we use today. The earliest devices were called ciga-like and were introduced as an effective alternate to tobacco smoking and chewing. Contrary to this, vaping devices have become much more than that. 

The latest generation of these e-cigs is faster, compact, and more efficient. People are now using vape pods to improve their cloud experience. These latest devices use a semi-ohm conductor, which drops down the resistance below 1 and produces more power. The increase in power gives rise to more smoke and denser clouds.

Vaping around the world

The craze of vaping devices has taken the world by storm, as there are 41 million vapers worldwide, with the US being top of the list (followed by the UK on second France on third, Germany, China and Canada, and so on). You need to recognize that there must be something about these devices that they are being used all over the world by millions of people. Many researchers advise that vapes are 95% better than tobacco smoking. Furthermore, you can find many facts that support using these e-cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco smoking. The international acceptance of these vapes is justified as these devices are truly revolutionary inventions.

Is vaping only for smokers?

One of the biggest reasons that these e-devices are so popular is that they are equally loved by non-smokers as well. You can easily find non-nicotine sources for your e-cig. These non-nicotine e-juices are safer to use. That being said, we can safely say that vaping is great for smokers and non-smokers alike.

Could vape devices get any better?

Considering the amount of advancement that these devices have gone through in such a short time, we can assume that greater things are on their way. People who love vaping are using unconventional ways to ensure better results too. For example, the first stages of the latest vapes were inspired by vape enthusiasts who use flashlights with their e-cigs to produce better quality fumes and clouds. People are using their brains and creativity in every way possible to make sure that they have the best vaping devices with them.

Better kits and accessories

Another important aspect that sets vaping devices apart from other forms of smoking is their tendency to be upgraded. Even today, there are tons of accessories, such as better chargers, batteries, and casings that you can find all over the internet. These things will allow you to personalize and upgrade your devices to ensure better vaping experiences. 

You can also keep disposable products, like cartridges, with you if you want to keep vaping hassle-free. We can easily say that the future of these vaping devices seems bright, as the number of vape users in the future can increase. So, keep your eyes peeled and you will see some amazing advancements shortly.

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