The Evolution Of The Vaping Industry

Understanding the Evolution of Vaping Devices

Vaping is one of the most vibrant industries in the world at the moment. Experts suggest that the vaping industry could be worth $50 billion by the year 2025. It is not surprising how popular these vaping devices have become around the world. They were initially used in first-world countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, China, France, and only a few others.  However, these vapes have become popular in other countries around the world now. These devices are popular in countries like the Philippines, Pakistan, etc. as you can find Vape Stores in Karachi and other major cities much easier now. You probably know things about these e-cigarettes already, but most people do not know the history and development of these electric devices. Therefore, we are here to educate you on the matter to make sure you know everything. 

History of E-cigarettes

Contrary to popular belief, e-cigarettes have been around us for many years now. They were first developed by Herbert Gilbert, which he patented in 1963. Despite such an early development, these e-cigarettes did not become publicly available for many years. These e-devices only came into the public sight in the year 2003 when Hong Kong pharmacist Hon Lik was looking for a way to improve smoking habits by introducing a safer alternate. He was the first person to patent the modern e-cigarette. 

His discovery and invention became widely popular in the Asian region as tobacco consumption was a serious problem in the region. The first generation of these e-cigs was shaped like a cigarette as well and vaping enthusiasts started upgrading these devices gradually. Each of these individuals aimed to improve the vaping experience. Therefore, we can break them down into different generations of these e-devices.

Development of e-cigarettes through different generations

First Generation

The first generation of these vaping devices was called ciga-likes and they resembled a tobacco cigarette in look as well. Since these devices were simple, they only consisted of a battery and a cartomizer. The simplicity of these devices was the source of their success at that time because this technology was new at that time and people wanted something easy to maintain and did not need repairs frequently. 

The first generation of these vapes changed the world forever as these devices soon became popular in other regions of the world. These devices played a valuable role in providing people with an alternative to traditional smoking. We agree that these first-generation vapes are not as popular as they used to be but they are surely the founding stone for this technology.

The Second Generation

With the advancement in technology, we also saw the advent of the second generation of vapes. These vaping devices were pen-shaped and became the next new thing around the world. The most prominent features of these second-generation devices were their refill ability. The users could utilize these devices for a longer period thanks to their better battery life. These devices could be refilled using e-juices or e-liquids of your choice. These new devices were just as popular and successful as the first ones.

The third generation

The third generation of these vapes was called mods (rooting from modifications) this generation of vapes worked on improving the preexisting devices by making changes and improvements to them. The third-generation e-cigs were better battery-powered, had more place to store liquids, and produced better quality clouds for the users. These devices first introduced prominent features like temperature controls, regulated charging, and improved safety features such as short-circuit protection and much more.

Coil and tanks

The fourth and the latest generation of these e-devices are powered by electric coils which burn the e-juice at high temperatures to produce aerosols to be inhaled. This generation of vapes was a perfect example of modern technology. Different tank types allow users to carefully control airflow which makes the vaping experience better. The coils (and, by extension, batteries) allow more precise control over temperature. The controlled temperature makes it easier to control these vapes and makes it an all-over safer experience.

We can easily say that vaping devices have gone through a large number of changes in a short period and it seems promising for the future to come as well. The vape enthusiasts are constantly improving the technology to make the perfect vape once and for all. 

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