The Best 3 Tobacco Flavored E Liquids In Pakistan


With so many options and brands in the market, it can be a bit challenging to find the best tobacco flavor for yourself. The taste of a tobacco-flavored e-liquid is perfect for someone who has switched from smoking to vaping recently. They are also often the first choice for first-time vapers who have not been smoking in the past. 

You will find a plethora of shops selling e-juices in Pakistan, but you need to be aware of the good brands to find the best product. Some of the flavors are more intense, whereas others do not deliver the kind of experience that a vaper seeks. 

Choosing the right e-liquid can either make or break your vaping experience. A lot of this depends on every individual’s personal taste as well. While one may like the kick of tobacco found in a particular brand, the other person may not find it that satisfying. Therefore, it is essential to find something that fits your own taste. 

The Best Brands For Tobacco Flavored E-Liquid:

To resolve the problem of many vapers out there, we have developed this guide. Here, you will find a list of the best tobacco-flavored e-liquids, from robust and intense to light and subtle flavors that will enhance your experience significantly. 

Vgod Cubano Brown:

The e-liquid will take you back to the days when people used to hold cigars in their hands and take deep, long puffs of tobacco leaves to satisfy their needs. The note of this e-liquid is dark and earthy, with a hint of smooth and creamy vanilla. The authentic taste of this e-liquid will make you want to try it again and again. 

The bottle comes with 50 ml of e-liquid in a 60 ml short fill bottle. This means that you can add an extra 10 ml of nicotine shot if you like. You can create large clouds with the 70% VG blend of this brand. Additionally, you are sure to enjoy the intense nicotine hit after taking a puff of this deletable tobacco flavor. 

Ruthless Brazilian Tobacco:

If you like to like a tinge of sweetness along with the bitter taste of tobacco, this flavor is for you. This is a straightforward flavor that will provide you with a bold nicotine hit. You can satisfy your smoke cravings with this extremely authentic and strong tobacco. The brand claims that the tobacco leaves for this flavor were harvested in Brazil and that is why anyone who tries it, gets hooked. 

The notes of this e juice will linger on your tongue even after it’s been hours you’ve vaped. The flavor comes in a large bottle and composes of a 70/30 VG/PG ratio. If you like to chase clouds while enjoying the exquisite taste, then buy Ruthless Brazilian tobacco flavor. 

BLVK Caramel Tobacco:

The brand is known to produce various amazing e-liquid flavors and their tobacco flavor is one of them. It is widely used by recently converted smokers as the prices are reasonable, and the flavor is rich. 

The flavors infuse the rugged notes of tobacco leaves with the sweetness of thick caramel to build a tongue-pleasing blend. The real essence of caramel when combined with the sharp taste of tobacco leaves a tingling sensation on the user’s tongue. The invigorating experience you will get after taking a puff of this spectacular blend will leave you craving for more. 

Here are the three most famous and praise-worthy tobacco flavors in Pakistan. If you are a regular vaper, you would know how to differentiate a quality tobacco flavor from an ordinary flavor. 

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