New to Vaping? Here are some Dos and Don’ts


Vaping helps smokers quit but it is equally great for nonsmokers. People around the world have been using vapes as an alternative to tobacco smoking and to have fun. You can find a wide variety of these e-cigarettes because they have evolved from first-generation devices to recent vape mods which enhanced their performance and usage. These vaping devices are available in various designs and models to cater to the needs of the customers. However, you cannot enjoy these vapes fully until you know how to use them properly.

A common problem that most new vape users encounter is not knowing how to use these devices. We, at Vape Cave, understand this, thus we have compiled a list of Dos and Don’ts for Karachi Vapers to help them out. So without further holding back, let us start with our list of dos and don’ts for new vapers.

Do’s and Don’ts For New Vape Users

Clean Your Device Regularly

The most common mistake that most vape users make is that they do not keep their vaping devices clean. Most of these users keep using their devices without taking the time out to clean them up when needed. You would be surprised to know that unclean vaping devices can compromise the taste of the e-liquid as well as the performance of the device.

You would not want to mix older e-juice with a new batch because it will ruin the taste of both so make sure to clean your vaping device thoroughly whenever you change your e-liquid. Vaping devices with 510 removable mouthpieces and replicable glass is something that might help you do this easily.

Store Your E-Liquid Properly

You should take care of your e-flavours as much as you take care of your vaping device. It is best to store your e-liquid in a cool dry place if you want to maintain its essence. We also suggest keeping an eye on the expiry date of the vaping flavour.

Switch Your Flavours

Another pro tip to make most of your vaping experience is to experiment with your preferred vaping flavour. You can choose from mentholated e-liquids, fruity flavours, tangy ones and much more. Using different flavours will also help you avoid “Vaper’s Tongue”, a condition that refrains a vape user from tasting the vaping flavour because of the formation of a thick layer on the tongue.

It is important to remember that the condition is nothing to worry about and only lasts a few days. You can go back to using your vaping devices normally in no time.

Do Not Vape Without Permission

The first red flag for a vape user is to vape without permission. If you are in a public place or gathering we suggest excusing yourself somewhere private because people around you might not always be comfortable with you using your e-devices in front of them. People might be equally reluctant to nicotine-free flavours so taking permission, either way, is best.

Do not Charge Your Device Overnight

A common mistake that most new vapers make is that they plug in their devices during the night and let it sit throughout the night. Doing this not only damages the battery but can also be dangerous in case of fluctuation or power overload. You e-device could also explode or damage you or a loved one so it is best to take precaution. We suggest keeping an eye on the clock when you plug your device in for charging and plug it out when the prescribed charging times end.

Do not Rush For Fancy Devices

Most new vapers try to look cool by buying the latest and the fanciest devices without realising that it will not do them any good. We suggest buying a basic electronic vape and then making your way up to the more advanced ones. This way you will be able to master vaping on all the different vaping devices and make most of it. Feel free to browse through the latest vape collection on Vape Cave’s official website.


The above-mentioned tips are some of the things that new Karachi Vapers should follow so that they may enjoy their vapes fully without disturbing those around them. You can find more related tips and guides on Vape Cave’s official website, so do check it out.

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