Vapes have been around for quite some time. Vaping is helpful, especially for those addicted to cigarettes and nicotine. They wanted to escape away from their addiction, and vaping was the only thing that could assist them. Every other individual nowadays wants to make a move from cigarettes to vaping or start doing so as a habit.

You’ve come to the perfect place if you used to smoke cigarettes and are considering switching to vaping but are unsure about the vapes. Or if you’ve been vaping for a while and want to step up your game. We’ll inform you about vapes that cost less than 10,000 rupees. Let’s jump right into this blog:

These pod vape kits are ideal for beginners or those moving from cigarettes.


The Uwell Caliburn KokoPrime features a 690mAh battery, magnetic display panels, and compatibility with Caliburn G Pods and Coil Series. Caliburn’s Koko Prime consists of a robust zinc alloy that is durable, compact, and fits easily in your hand, pocket, or purse.

The Caliburn line is well-known, and the Uwell Koko Prime, due to its price in Pakistan, is gaining popularity. It is square-shaped and has a colorful style. Its 15w Pod System is a small, compact e-cigarette with a 2ml POD tank that employs the Caliburn G Coils with the 0.8ohm meshed coil to produce exceptional vapor and flavor.

You can get your Koko Prime in Pakistan at Vape Cave at the best price.


In the vaping business, VOOPOO is a well-known brand. Veteran vapers are aware of this fact. When VOOPOO launches something, everyone becomes excited, and it has gotten people talking about its latest offering. Vinci Pod is a remarkable all-in-one gadget. It is an ultra-portable and easy-to-carry design that you can bring with you wherever you go. It has an inbuilt battery pack with an 800mAh capacity. You may fill its pod up to the 2 ml pointer with your preferred e-liquid. This device has a 0.8ohm coil that can be used with both salt-nic and standard e-liquids.


We’ve previously mentioned two brands that are exceptional in their respective categories, but there’s one more that many seasoned vapers are familiar with. Vaporesso is a well-known vaping brand all around the world. Vaporesso GTX GO 80 is one of the company’s most amazing gadgets. This item is stunning, and it provides excellent value for money. It has a 5ml e-liquid capacity and a 3000mAh powerful battery built-in. It includes a GTX mesh 0.20-ohm coil and is compatible with the whole GTX coil series from Vaporesso.

Now that you know which kit is best for beginners and rookies, let’s move on to the next section. It’s time for the devices that intermediate vapers and newcomers who want to take their vaping to the next level would appreciate.


VOOPOO’s Drag S Pro is the first participant in this series. Drag series devices are designed to provide you with a whole different vaping experience. The Drag S Pro is built to last, with a robust 3000mAh battery built-in. It has an output of 80 watts and a capacity of 5 ml of your favorite flavor.


Argus Pro is our second competitor in this category. VOOPOO’s Argus series includes some classic gadgets with great functionality. This product has a sporty appearance. It has a Type-C charging port and a built-in 1500mAh battery. It comes with two PnP pods, each with a 2.5ml and 4ml capacity.


To summarize, we have discussed the vapes that are now available on the market. You can select the one that is the best fit for you. You may go through our collection and buy a vaping device from us.

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