Main Reasons Why Vaping Is A Healthier Alternative For Cigarettes.


The era where cigarettes were cool is now surely over. The 1960s was the last decade where cigarettes were smoked as a symbol of pride and so-called coolness.

Several studies conducted around the globe have gathered enough evidence to show that they are harmful and should be eradicated from one’s life. However, it’s easier said than done. Quitting cigarettes is no joke. Your brain gets used to being pleasured from the dopamine release.

What starts as a trial results in addiction. Which is extremely difficult to quit. Quitting cigarettes without any alternatives is the wisest thing to do but not the best option as many people are found to be relapsed over time. The best way is to switch to better alternatives and eventually get your mind off the nicotine hook. 

To ensure a smooth transition, vaping is a better alternative. Vaping is no doubt the smoothest alternative as the resemblance between vape and cigarettes experience is uncanny. Down below we shall discuss a few points why vaping is better than cigarettes and why you should quit cigarettes right away.

It is clear as day.

The main selling point for cigarettes is the nicotine hit but little do people care, a thousand more harmful chemicals tag along to ensure a significant decrease in the smoker’s health. If you ask us, it’s not a fair deal just for the sake of the nicotine hit.

Unlike cigarettes, vaping offers even smoother nicotine hits without any cancer-causing chemicals such as carcinogens. Compared to smoking, vaping is a comparatively clean alternative for cigarettes and has a lot more to offer than just satisfying nicotine hits.

Your mouth won’t feel the heavy after-taste that’s present with cigarettes. 

It’s flavourful

Vaping has a plethora of varieties when it comes to flavours. Regardless of the flavour’s type, you can satisfy your taste buds with utter ease. Tobacco companies have tried to offer cigarettes with different flavours to tackle the vaping market but have failed miserably.

As mentioned, there is a variety of flavours available but with cigarettes, you will always be stuck with the bland tobacco taste.

In essence, e-liquid companies offer a variety of mint flavours that will not just satisfy your desire for nicotine, but instead, it will leave you with a fresh breath.

Vaping offers nicotine ranges

With cigarettes, you cannot control nicotine consumption but with vaping, it is entirely in your hands.

With vaping, there are levels of nicotine in different flavours. For example, those who like it hard can take 50mg of salt nic. Those who like it mild can have 35 or even 25 mg. Just like this, there’s something for everyone according to their desire for nicotine. 

For every type of vaper, there is something in the bank for. For someone who likes hard and strong nicotine hits can opt for 50mg of salt nic. For a mid-level vape, 25 or 35 mg of salt nic flavours are recommended. Similarly, everyone can benefit from this massive variety.

With smoking, this isn’t possible. Also, with vaping, you have different Vapes to suffice your needs. For instance, if you want a heavy cloud you can go for high wattage devices. If you just want a substantial hit, you can go for ultra-portable devices.

Cigarettes do not offer a variety of nicotine levels. Nicotine hits aside, the best thing cigarette brands did in terms of flavours was to combine the tobacco with mint. All in all, vaping is surely the more suitable choice. 

If you have a fondness for blowing out clouds of smoke then there is something in the bank for you too.

Moreover, you get to be a part of the massive vaping community which aims to preserve the environment and people around. Please think twice before smoking as your loved ones can also be impacted by smoking.

Final Words

With all that being said, do consider Vape Cave for your next or first purchase. every single piece of vaping equipment is available at our store including a vape pen, mods etc. For any further queries, feel free to contact us via phone or WhatsApp.

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