Invention and Journey of Vapes


Vapes, or formerly known as e-cigarettes, have been around for a long time now. People have started choosing it as an alternative to traditional smoking options. There are two main reasons for it: ease compared to traditional methods and less harmful to health.

This invention has proved to be a good one for people with addiction. The story of vape’s invention is quite exciting, but only a very few people are aware of the invention story and history of vaping.

The vape was invented because of health concerns but also because of the ongoing advancement. Now, with vapes, you do not need to light them or use a match or lighter. It means you now have to carry only one thing instead of two. You can suck on your vape directly and start smoking.

There are now many flavors as well, due to which vape is a sensation among young people. A few favorite flavors are Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100, BLVK Reserve FrznBerry, and Juul Virginia tobacco. Multiple brands have taken over the vape market like Juul, Uwell, Voopoo, and etc.

A new industry has emerged all because e-cigarette was invented. So, let’s get into how it came into being.

Invention of Vape

The first-ever e-cigarette was invented in 2003. A Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik, was behind this invention. Why must you think? Well, he used to be a chain smoker. Not just an ordinary one but to the extreme levels where he would smoke three packs a day. This was a dangerous level. Another reason was Lik’s father dying of lung cancer as he too used to smoke. Lik was adamant about inventing a device that would make leaving cigarettes less painful.

However, Lik is now a dual user. He smokes and vapes at the same time. So, this invention turned out harmful for him but helpful for many others.

People have left smoking with the help of vapes along with counseling and controlled consumption. This is why it keeps getting popular because people want to switch to safer alternatives.

Let’s go through a brief history of how vapes became popular:

April 2006 – After the invention in Beijing, China, this is the first step of vapes towards popularity. This year they were introduced in Europe.

August 2006 – In the same year, in August, they were introduced to an even bigger market, the USA.

March 2008 – It was a slight setback year for vapes as Turkey banned them altogether, but vapes are still sold online there.

After 2008, e-cigarettes and vapes were standard in markets. However, there was a lot of backlash and bans. Still, the market continued to grow, and today it is where it is.

From the start till today, the e-cigarette has gone through a lot of modifications. The vapes present today now functions on the following components:

Battery – A battery is basically what makes the cigarette an “e-cigarette” and helps generate the vapors; hence it is known as a vaporizer or vape. There are two ways to start the battery and start vaporizing. Either there’s a button to press, or you can simply inhale on the vape to start the battery.

Atomizer – This is the part that creates the vapors along with the coil. Atomizer and coil take power from the battery. This power helps them both heat up the e-juice in vape and create vapors.

Tank – As the name suggests, it is the part where your vape juice is stored, like a Juul menthol. Tanks in vapes are of different capacities ranging from 0.8-2ml. It depends on the type of vape you have.

E-liquid – These are also referred to as e-juices. They are bought separately as there is a wide variety of flavors, and customers choose as per their choice.

Inhaler – It is a small but separate part. The mouthpiece from where you inhale the vape is known as an inhaler.


What we can conclude is that vape was invented as a device to replace traditional cigarettes. Ever since 2003, they have become popular enough among nicotine consumers. Today, a vape is considered a modern smoking device that presents you with multiple options for your ease like any other gadget.

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