How Youth Gets Attracted Towards Vaping?


Youth is considered as the most energetic group among all population. As they grow older, they overlook a huge range of experiences to make their teen years profoundly ecstatic. Out of these experiences, one is the feeling of stimulating brain activity and reaching a level of unconsciousness. To fulfill this experience, youth intend to try out tobacco products or liquor. They find a classic experience of nicotine by vaping. Vaping helps young people to prevent addiction by transferring to vaping at their early age. It has been observed that youth become astray and indulge in addictions, in that case switching to vaping would help them to be resilient in a short period.

Vaping is the selfless way towards keeping oneself from smoking. It gives the same taste as smoking but with a wide range of safety from developing health issues. Youth is more likely to adopt psychological or psychosocial disease. Due to numerous changes that take place in their life from changing environments to growth followed by several factors such as frustration, anxiety, cause addictive habits. In this, situation transferring to vaping could help to impede growing health issues.

Vaping has grown popular among youth due to its appealing design and incredible features. Youth nowadays, are usually captivated by gadgets and the latest technological devices which offer them an ever-lasting experience. Amidst the advancement of electronics, e-cigarettes are one of the compelling devices that cater to youth’s attention. Therefore, e-cigarettes have become the most frequently used nicotine product among youth.

There are some reasons which describe the inclination of youth towards vaping:

Influenced by a Family Member:

Kids adopt the habits of their parents and other family members. Similarly, when growing up in a household where people consume nicotine in terms of smoking or vaping they get intrigued. This leads to curiosity for trying it on their own. Hence, a one-time experience results in multiple try-outs.

Associated by Peers:

In teens, fantasies are transferred from one peer to another. Vaping can also be transferred through a friend circle.

Availability of Different Flavours:

Youth gets attracted by the wide range of flavors offered by vape. They get to try fruity, dessert, and cocktail flavors. This plus point makes it easier to apprehend youth’s curiosity.


Vaping products are self-assisted and easy to use. They require a battery, e-liquid, and a pull to draw the vapor.

Harmless than Smoking:

Since vaping is not an unrestrainable consumption of nicotine. It helps young people to stay away from addiction as well as have the satisfaction of vape.

Youth is more prone to vaping because of its affordable prices and versatility of designs. Vape products, including vape pods, mods, disposable vapes, all are now easy to reach. Youth is well aware that vaping is safer than smoking that is why vaping is trending among them. Most of them use vaping devices out of temptation by watching other people vaping. Easy access to vaping products for anyone makes a pro for youth to buy their favorite vaping product.

Due to the increased awareness of tobacco and smoking side-effects, young people understand the cons of excessive smoking and its addiction. Therefore, instead of getting addicted to something harmful they opt for vaping which is considerably safer than smoking.

In the contemporary world, each and everything can be found with a snap of a finger. Either it’s information about tobacco usage or vaping. Although, it is hard to believe young people develop a sense of understanding by seeing things from their observation. In that case, distinguishing the difference between smoking and vaping is no big deal. No matter to which country they belong, having access to the internet unveils every curiosity of youth regarding vape and related products.

Vaping stores tend to grab the attention of youth by developing products that fantasize them.  Vaping has become a trend in youth all over the world. Similarly, since Pakistan has also grown its vaping industry, therefore, vape in Hyderabad, Karachi, Lahore, and other cities has become a trend among youth. The latest features and sleek presentation of vaping products lure youth towards themselves.

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