How to Vape Like A pro?


Nowadays people smoke vape, as it is much safer than smoking cigarettes. You should have an up-to-the-mark vaping device to enjoy your vaping session. As a beginner, the way you smoke will greatly affect the following experiences. Correct inhalation technique is critical; otherwise, you can be at risk for inhaling a lot of nicotine and subsequently, experiencing a cough.

Tips to be a pro in vaping

To make your vaping experience fun and easy, below are some tips that you can follow in the future to vape like a pro.

1. Have backup batteries:

You never know when your battery will run out. Make sure you have a spare package on hand, so you don’t have to wait hours for your next hit. 

2. Beginner kit:

To get started, you will need a device, battery, atomizer, coil, e-liquids, and wicks. You can get each of these parts separately or get a kit. Spend wisely on some good quality vaping devices, as being new to vaping, you must get the best out of all.

3. Clean E-tanks regularly:

Your e-tank should be drained and washed daily. It’s simple to uninstall your vape, drain out any remaining liquid, and then clean all of the components in warm water to dry.

4. Follow instructions:

No matter how well you know about the device, you should always read and follow the guidelines given with the vaping device. If you won’t be able to read the guide book, at the very least, find a video that shows how to use your device properly.

5. Mixing flavors:

Create your flavor if you can’t decide between two options. You’ll be shocked at how personalizing flavors on your own can transform your entire vaping experience.

Becoming a pro:

Once you get your hands on the device and fully understand it’s working, you may want to try out other devices as well! Visit Vape Cave to find the best vape and best vape stores in Karachi.

Down below are some of the tricks that will help you to become a pro in vaping.
1. Make o’s:

The first vape trick is making o’s or known generally as rings. It is the most fundamental and basic trick. Blowing a smoke ring is something you would have seen among smokers or attempted yourself if you used to be a smoker. Take a deep breath and hold the vapor in your mouth. Place the lips to mimic the letter O, and exhale a small amount of smoke. Keep your tongue in the back of your mouth. The shape depends on how well you circle your mouth while breathing out.

2. Ghost- trick:

This is the best trick to practice as a beginner.
This trick means releasing a vapor ball, allowing it to float, and then re-inhaling it. To begin, inhale as much vapor as you can and keep it in your mouth for a second. Release the smoke with a small exhale. Inhale back as a small cloud appears in front of you.
Well, this trick needs a lot of practice to master perfectly.

3. The dragon trick:

This trick may look complicated but it’s not. You will need some practice and you are good to go. Exhale forcefully through your nose and allow a bit of vapor to come out from your mouth. When you’re ready, try breathing the vapor out of your nose. Take a deep breath and then blow hard from your mouth and nose. If done perfectly, this trick is going to be impressive.

4. The jellyfish trick:

Probably, it is the most challenging trick. When done right it exactly forms the shape of jellyfish. Make a thick, large O ring with your mouth and blow a string of steam into it. The O ring will be pulled by the second exhale, leaving a jellyfish-like trace behind.

5. The french inhale trick:

This trick could be hard to handle but still really doable with little practice.
Take a long breath, but don’t inhale the vapor; instead, breathe the vapor into your mouth.

Then slowly open your mouth and drive a small amount of smoke away.

When the smoke is pushing away from your mouth, try inhaling through your nose, as the vapor quantity would decrease.

Point of note:

Hold to the aforementioned suggestions and you’ll get a long way.

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