How To Prevent E-Cigarette Leakage Problem?


One of the most unpleasant moments when we vape is the loss of e-liquid. This problem has a solution, so you should not worry too much because avoiding dripping when vaping is relatively easy.

Users usually face the e-liquid leakage problem due to their own. As a result, others do not adopt e-cigarettes, as they typically attribute this to a factory fault or the device’s state. However, the reality is different.

E-liquid leaks are very common and may happen to you at some point. So that this does not become a recurring problem and you can enjoy all the benefits of vaping, we have tips on avoiding leaks in electronic cigarettes..

How You Can Prevent E-Liquid Leakage Problem

There are many reasons why your atomizer leaks. So, it is important to know them to avoid damage and possible unpleasant moments. We will talk more about it below.

Fill Your Tank Carefully

You should always be careful when filling your atomizer. Always try to do it through the correct hole. This problem occurs, above all, with people who are just starting to vape and do not know the device components very well. Another recommendation is that you do not fill it too much. It is always good to leave a small vacuum so that the air in the upper part acts as a vacuum cleaner, thus avoiding the escape of the e-liquid.


It may also happen that the air passage regulator is very closed, which will prevent air from passing into the tank. When this happens, you risk more liquid getting into the atomizer, causing flooding and thus leaking vape liquid. To counteract this situation, all you need to do is open up the airflow a bit, allowing better airflow and preventing leaks.

Avoid Placing Tank Horizontally

This is very practical advice, especially if you are a casual consumer. Avoid leaving your vape horizontally for a long time, as this can cause a liquid leak. The tank’s position is an important factor when it comes to avoiding complications, so keep that in mind. With this, we do not mean that you cannot vape in the way you want, only that you must be careful and vary the position.

Hot Or Cold

In summer, we may face more liquid leaks. The heat leads the liquid to lose its density, the drainage is greater, and the resistance drains in excess and leaks. Do not leave your device in the car during extreme temperatures and in front of the sunshine. Otherwise, the device will be leaked. In winter, the leakage problem is much less.

Change Of Pressures

If you are going to travel by plane, do not take your vaping device loaded with liquid. The reason is that it will leak completely. It means liquid leakage is a problem in places with a lot of height due to the pressure problem. So, if you like climbing high peaks, keep the vape without liquid.

Final Words

Vapers usually face the e-liquid leakage issue due to their own mistakes. Ultimately, others who want to quit smoking do not adopt e-cigarettes. People typically think it is the state of e-cigarette devices. We have shared some causes about why your e-liquid leaks and how you can avoid it.

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