How To Make The Perfect Combination of E-Liquids And Vape Devices


To have the optimal vaping experience, you just need to have two things right- the device and the flavor. If you manage to find the perfect combination of these two, then you’ll enjoy the vaping experience. 

Here we’ll guide you about the things to consider to select the perfect device and flavor. Before we go further, please note that this is not a strict guideline to follow. Rather it gives you a direction so that you are not clueless when it comes to selecting the device and flavors.

One thing that beautifies the experience of vaping is that it offers a lot of options. You can try out a lot of options and choose the ones that suit your taste the best. While considering your nicotine needs. Here are a few things to keep in mind when making the best combo of a device and flavors:

Know your needs 

The first thing is to know what you want out of the vaping experience. Many people switch to vaping because they want to quit smoking. Many people switch as an alternate to shisha. So it’s basically a personal preference. 

In fact, there are many who just take up a vape to enjoy flavors and form humungous vape clouds. Knowing what you want will help you decide what will serve your needs the best. If you are a chain smoker, a pod device with salt-nic will probably be the best for you.

If you want to form clouds, then a high wattage device combined with high VG content flavor will do the job. Knowing what you want will help you get the right combination without you having to spend a lot of money.

Ask around

If you are in the company of vapers, then ask around what’s best. Vapers usually have a lot of information and are happy to provide assistance. Especially ex-smokers are eager to share their experience so that other smokers can quit as well.

Even if you don’t know vapers, you can visit vapecave to inquire about vaping. Our representatives are industry veterans who’ll guide you in the best way possible. One good thing about vaping is that it makes people inquisitive. So once you become a part of the vaping scene, you’ll naturally start knowing a lot. 

Then if you wish to experiment, you’ll make confident choices and enhance your experience.

Know your preference in flavors

A lot of smokers switch to vaping but end up going back. Primarily because they choose the wrong flavors. There are few ‘safe flavors’ that are usually liked by a majority. If you are clueless about this, then ask yourself- whether you like fruity flavors? Or you like to have heavy flavors like tobacco? Would you like your flavor to be minty or not? 

Answering these questions will help you select the best flavors for yourself. If you like fruits, then you’ll probably like Fruity Eliquids. If you like heavy flavors, then you’ll probably savor the Tobacco range offered at vapecave.


Vapecave offers premium devices and products. The brands are internationally recognized. So a quick Google search will give you an overview of the product you’re going to purchase. 

One thing to especially consider is the battery timings of the devices. Some devices offer incredible functionality but fail at delivering the desired battery timings. Especially if you are a smoker who is making a switch, you should consider the battery size.

If you are outdoors and your vape battery runs out, then the chances are high that you’ll smoke again. To ensure this doesn’t happen, purchase devices that offer long battery timings. So you’ll have the device ready to soothe your nicotine cravings at all times!

Concluding Thoughts

Vaping is by far the best alternative to smoking. People tried other substitutes like nicotine gums, nicotine patches, and nicotine pouches but failed miserably. Vaping is the only solution that has kept people from reverting back to smoking.

With vaping, if you get the best combination of devices and flavors, you’ll probably start hating cigarettes and never smoke again. Even if you aren’t a smoker, the right device combined with the right flavor will give you a pleasurable vaping experience.

To get your hands-on premium vape devices and E-liquid Pakistan, visit vapecave stores or order online.

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