How To Know If Your Vape Is Leaking?


One of the most frequent problems individuals run into is their vapes leaking, especially when they first start vaping. Although some tanks available on the market are less prone to leaking, any tank can leak in an unfortunate situation.

No matter what is the cause of a leak, there is almost always a simple fix. Today, we will try to help you figure out the problem and hopefully fix it.

Juice does not just appear out of thin air; it has to come from somewhere. Most of the time, you won’t notice a leak in your tank until it enters the airflow. Depending on the cause, leakage can involve just a few e-liquid drops or the messiest conceivable spill of your full tank’s contents all over your vape.

The following is a good place to start when determining what to check if your vape is leaking. There are a few typical things that might cause leakage.

Hold Your Tanks Vertically

No tank is intended to be positioned on its side for a long time. Try to position your vaporizer upright whenever you can. Even though it can be challenging, this is a typical cause of leaks.

To avoid leakage, use high-quality pods like Uwell Koko Prime Vision. High-quality pods ensure that there is less chance of any damage.

Check The O-rings

O-rings will unavoidably wear down over time, get stiff and brittle, or even become torn up by taking the tank out to swap out the coils. Make sure to examine the seals when you are troubleshooting a leaking issue.

It frequently happens for some people to inadvertently lose an o-ring or seal when taking a tank apart to clean it or change a coil. When you purchase a new product, familiarise yourself with the location of the seals in the tank so that, in the event of a leak, you can determine whether a seal is missing or damaged.

Check The Airflow

Are your airflow ports open? People trying to imitate the “cigarette draw” they want with the incorrect device by drawing as hard as they can with the airflow completely closed off is a lesser-known reason for vapes leaking. 

By doing this, you risk flooding the coil with liquid and essentially sucking juice through it. 

Use The Right E-Liquid

Utilize e-juice appropriate for your tank. Anything less than 65%-70% VG stands a good probability of leaking for coil heads that need a lot of power because of the thin viscosity of PG.

A decent generalization is that MTL devices often perform well up to 70% VG, and most contemporary devices perform well with 65% VG (only 35% PG) and above.

Always check the PG/VG ratio on the label of your e-juice. Feel free to call us directly or stop by one of our stores to speak with a member of our friendly team if you’re ever unsure of which juice is best for your device.

Cracked Glass

When using a vaporizer with a glass tank, it is fairly typical for the glass to break or crack in the event of an accident. Check it thoroughly because the crack may occasionally be difficult to perceive.


The quality and consistency of your e-liquid can also be impacted by hot temperatures and intense sunshine. Depending on the E-liquid, exposure to sunshine and high temperatures can cause flavor loss. E-liquid will become significantly thinner when kept in the sun, which can lead to leaks and spit back in tanks and pods. During the warmer months, running E-liquids with a higher Vegetable Glycerine content can help with leaking tanks, but the key solution is to try to stay out of the heat if possible.


Just keep in mind that a leaking tank is not the end of the world. Most of the time, it will only require a quick fix, and you can resume vaping immediately.

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