How To Get The First-hand Experience In Vaping


Vaping is related to the experience of smoking through an electronic device that generates ignition which heats the liquid in it.It further involves inhaling vapor infused in tobacco and heated by a coil. Initially, the shape of e-cigarettes used to look a lot like normal cigarettes however, with the advent of technology, its presentation has changed and become more portable with a built-in battery.

Vaping for Beginners:

For beginners, vaping has always been an intriguing experience. The various designs of vapes and accessories attract many people to try vaping.

When having a first experience at vaping, it is important to choose the right flavor of e-liquid for yourself. E-liquids come in many flavors. For smokers, they come with a hint of nicotine to satisfy their cravings. For non-smokers, they come in flavors like menthol, peach, watermelon, and a plethora of other flavors. The correct way of inhaling is also important. Two important techniques are helpful for beginners in vaping:


This technique involves drawing the vapor into the mouth and holding it for some time and then inhaling it into the lungs. This type of intake gives a relatively small vapor and crosses through the throat to the lungs.

Direct Lung:

This technique involves drawing vapor directly into the lungs. In this type of intake, the vapor size is large and spontaneously hits the lungs.

Benefits of Vaping Over Smoking:

Vaping is considered far more beneficial than smoking because it does not have tobacco, which severely affects the lungs and respiratory system. Following are the benefits of vaping:

  • It has control over the amount of nicotine inhaled
  • It does not have any unpleasant smell compared to smoking
  • It stays intact and does not linger like cigarettes.
  • It constitutes a variety of e-liquids with different flavors
  • A single puff can satisfy your nicotine cravings as much as one cigarette.
  • Its aroma does not bother the people in the surroundings as compared to smoking.

Different Options of Vaping:

Vaping comes with a classified range of options and choices, some of them are:

  1. Disposable Vaporizers:

Disposable vaporizers are a type of electronic cigarette that is very convenient to use. They are budget-friendly and can be disposed of when e-liquid is finished. They are non-rechargeable devices and have a higher jolt of nicotine compared to the chargeable ones. Some of the disposable vaporizers are Geek bar disposable puffs, Switch mini disposable, etc.

  1. Open Pod Systems:

Open pod systems are rechargeable pods that can be filled with e-liquid when a flavor is finished. It is more easy-to-go for persistent vapers. These pods are portable and have a compact finish. Open pod systems include Geek vape, Mini fit max, Renova Zero pod system, etc.

  1. Pre-filled Pods Systems:

Pre-filled pods are perfect for the orientation of vaping for beginners. It contains a coil and pre-filled vapor with e-liquid. These are relatively compact and easy to use hence, suitable for new vapers. Pre-filled pods are presented as Juul basic kit, Relx basic kit, Relx essential device, etc.

  1. Regulated Kits:

Regulated kits are most suitable for ones who need to adjust the vapor as per their choice. It comes with a battery that can be charged to vape again and again. Various forms of regular kits are Argus GT, Argus Pro, Vape pen V2.

Types of E-liquids:

Two main types of e-liquids are:


Free-base contains uncontaminated nicotine which is essential for e-cigarettes. It includes dessert, tobacco, and fruity e-liquids.

Salt Nicotine:

Salt nicotine is the purest form of nicotine, which is mixed with other flavors to make a good mixture. It has a powerful hit as compared to free-base.

To conclude, relatively vaping is considered much safer than smoking therefore, beginners who used to be smokers can easily switch to vaping, as it has fewer side effects. Vaping is a substitute for smoking which is used as a harmless alternative for chain smokers and those who want to withdraw from smoking. Before starting vaping it is significant to go through the steps of vaping and follow them properly to have an exquisite experience. To gain the first-hand experience one must be well-aware of the techniques related to vaping in case of any severe reaction. Vaping is a self-made decision and it does not profoundly help in quitting smoking. Its major benefit is smoke without igniting and fulfills the purpose of smoking.

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