How To Get Bigger Vape Clouds

Some vapers love to chase intense flavors, some want a strong nicotine take, and others wish for thicker clouds!

We usually find that after you have been vaping for a while, you start to crave bigger, giant vape clouds rather than the throat hit that new vapers or previous smokers often desire. 

But how can cloud chasers achieve this goal? There are a few points by Vape Cave, an online vape store in Pakistan, to consider to maximize your cloud production.

Choosing the Right Vape Tank

When selecting a vape tank that will maximize cloud production, you want to choose something that uses mesh coils, especially. Because mesh coils are essentially thin, flat strips of metal cover many holes punched in. This means the surface part of the coil exaggerates, which means more e-juice comes into contact with the coil’s surface. This leads to more e-juice heating up at once and, therefore, more vapor production.

The second thing is to choose sub-ohm coils. We call it essential because sub-ohm is a good option for intense cloud chasers. Sub-ohm coils are simply coils that have a resistance of below 1 ohm. When a tank coil has decreased resistance, it heats up faster, leading to the chance to create more vapor production. 

Temple Tank 28mm Rda

This is one of Vaporesso’s best products because it has a 6mm e-juice well and two large post holes. The bottom base of the tank also has heat insulation which buffers the heat that basically comes with the vaping process. 

Vape Mod/Battery

If you are chasing thick vape clouds, you must prefer a mod that features fickle wattage and airflow. This means you can adjust these settings accordingly to maximize cloud production. Let’s cover this statement in more detail. 

We recommend buying sub-ohm mods because they are suitable for cloud chasers, and the good thing is they tend to be more powerful. The Voopoo Drag S 60W mod kit is great because it’s a sleek and ergonomic mod kit capable of firing up to a massive 60W. This mod kit comes with its tank, but you may pair it with a Vaporesso NRG-S tank for extra cloud production. 

Right Vape Setting

When chasing more significant vape clouds, you want to maximize the airflow to your vape device. It increases the amount of air that gets to the coil. A fresh air flow will encourage the chasers to condense into giant clouds. 

It is important to remember that the airflow affects how the draw feels. More airflow will make the vape airy, and less airflow will make the drawn thicker. So it means increased air=thicker clouds. Many vape tanks will include an adjustable airflow feature, just like the NRG-S tank we mentioned earlier. 

Power Setting

It is obvious that more power will lead to more vape clouds and more power also leads to an increase in heat. This means it is essential to keep the airflow high to ensure the coil stays cool. 

Sub-ohm is the best to get the thick cloud because they are best for high power. We recommend you choose the NRG-S tank as this is the best choice among vapers. When vaping, you should check the maximum power recommendations for the specific coil you use to avoid burning it out. This statement usually writes on the coil as well. 

Choose The Right E-liquid 

E-liquid plays an essential role in getting the giant cloud. When you vape, always choose a high-VG e-juice, which will help you to create more vapor. On the other hand, higher PG liquids will make a solid hit on the throat. Usually, high VG e-juice doesn’t work well in all standard tanks as the e-liquid is thicker. It would be best if you choose a powerful tank-like sub-ohm. 

Final Thoughts

The beauty of vaping depends on a giant and aromatic cloud, and only a sub-ohm device will help you to create a substantial massive cloud. 

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