How Does E-Juice Steeping Work


Vaping enthusiasts are keen to discover all the things that can maximize their E-Juice vaping experience and transport them to fantasy land. You will be surprised to know that making small changes and following basic tips can transform your vaping experience. 

One of these tips is related to e-liquid steeping. At some point in your vaping journey, you must have felt that your VGOD Cubano Brown Salt was not as amazing in the beginning but got a whole lot better after a week or two. This means that your e-juice flavors can improve drastically once steeped.

As a beginner, you might be unaware of how you can steep your e-liquid. Worry not, because we have got you covered.

Today, we will tell you all you need to know about e-liquid steeping. By the end of this blog, you will learn everything there is to know about steeping. 

E-Liquid Steeping: What Does It Mean?

For all those wondering exactly what e-liquid steeping is: It is simply letting your e-juice age with time in a controlled environment. 

When you let your VGOD Cubano Black Salt sit for a while, it experiences a change in flavor. This enhanced flavor is a lot better than the previous version of your e-juice.

Many vapers agree with the fact that using an e-juice right after you purchase it might not taste as awesome as it might if you let it sit for a while.

However, before you allow your e-liquid to be steeped, you must remember to shake the bottle for thorough incorporation of all components.

Now you must be wondering how is it possible for a flavor to get better by letting it age? 

Let us tell you how!

How Does It Work?

When you buy your e-juice, it’s a given that it has had some time to sit and has been through some of the aging processes. The juices are manufactured, then transported to distributors. Retailers get them from distributors, and then they land into your hands.

But does it ensure that they had a good shake prior to all the resting? Nowadays, there are advanced machines that are used for vigorous shaking to allow complete mixing. 

When the liquid has been mixed and gets some time to sit, its components combine and form a uniform liquid. The proper combination gives you a balanced taste, thus improving the overall vaping experience. 

The Science Behind Steeping

When you try a newly bought VGOD Cubano Silver Salt and feel that the flavors aren’t adequately mixed together, here’s what you need to do. Find a cool and dark place to store the bottle away from exposure to air and sunlight. 

Exposure to light will cause the nicotine and flavor to degrade, ruining your e-juice. Once it has rested for a while, open the bottle and expose it to air for a few minutes. Shut the lid and shake the bottle. 

Repeat this process for a week, and then it’s time for a taste test!

If the liquid has been steeped enough, you will notice more balanced flavors without any harsh hits. If you still feel that something is not right, you can continue the process until it passes the next taste test.

Does Your E-Liquid Need Steeping?

If you’re confused about whether your VGOD Dry Tobacco Salt needs steeping or not, here are a few things that set them apart. You will notice a harsh edge in alcohol-based flavors. An imbalance of flavors will be pretty evident that you can easily tell. The overall flavor will feel incomplete, and you will just know that something is missing.

Steeping will help to improve all these issues dramatically. It will allow all the alcohol-based flavors to evaporate, thereby softening the harsh edges. 

When you shake the bottle, it encourages molecular bonding and interaction. That’s how your previously incomplete flavor gets its premium taste.

This quick and easy guide to e-liquid steeping will surely enhance your vaping experience. Remember, if you use your e-juice without letting it sit, you will only be wasting it. Allow it to reach its full potential to maximize your vaping experience! For the finest quality e-juices and other vaping essentials, head over to Vape Cave.

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