How Can You Control The Nicotine When Vaping To Quit Tobacco Smoking?


If you want to quit smoking, you can smoke vape to get rid of the habit of traditional cigarette smoking. Although people smoke tobacco, they want to leave this habit. Some could do it easily, but most smokers may find it difficult. Thus, the best alternative to traditional cigarettes is an electronic cigarette or vaping. 

Smoking traditional cigarettes in Pakistan is ubiquitous. However, an observation is that many people tend to quit smoking, and it is due to some awareness campaigns run by NGOs. And we see that vaping has gradually become very common in our country. Vaping devices, like electronic cigarettes, are not harmful to human health. You will have control over the amount of nicotine, and a good aspect is that you can also vape without nicotine.

This blog talks about nicotine by focusing on the amount to be put in a vaping device. Keep reading this to get helpful information and choose the correct dose of nicotine.

Control The Nicotine Dose When Vaping To Quit Tobacco Smoking

Look at how you can quit smoking by using the amount or dose of nicotine in your vaping device:

Initial Dose Of Nicotine

Knowing the nicotine dose in your vaping device is necessary. Usually, the user’s dependence level determines the dose. You can easily measure your nicotine dose by examining the traditional cigarettes you smoke each day. If you smoke less or more than 10 or 20, you can simply measure with this approach.

Remember that, unlike traditional cigarettes, a vaping device empowers you to choose the nicotine dose you need. You can buy liquids with nicotine available with a range from 3% to 18%.

If you want to quit smoking, you can start vaping with a high percentage of nicotine and gradually go down until you reach 0% nicotine. You can also buy liquids without nicotine if you do not want nicotine.

Vaping Devices – POD and Starter Kit


You can quit smoking by using a POD vaping device. Initially, you need to add 20mg nicotine salts. Although this nicotine concentration is high, PODs usually have very restricted puffs. However, you can experience the taste of traditional cigarettes, as PODs give a similar hit with limited puffs.

PODs have become very common in Pakistan. You will experience a very nice punch of each puff, making it easy to quit traditional tobacco smoking.

Starter Kits

Starter Kits are also commonly used vaping devices that give users freedom when choosing flavored liquids. You can find a wide range of flavored liquids in the market available with and without nicotine to use with this device. Vape starter kits are a good option for those who want to start vaping.

These vaping devices are especially designed to be used with free-base liquids. VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and PG (Propylene Glycol) are two essential components of e-liquids. You can find liquids available in the market with different degrees of these components. You may also find the most common free-base e-liquids containing 80VG / 20PG, 70VG / 30PG, and 50VG / 50PG. Thus, the e-liquid base acts as an independent factor when choosing nicotine. It means you need to consider the amount of VG and PG if you want more or less vapor and flavor.

If you prefer a starter kit, your nicotine dose will depend on your device because the air intake of the device will have a great influence.

Decrease The Nicotine Dose

You can reduce the nicotine dose by observing the reaction of your body. It means you need to measure and monitor your progress with specific nicotine doses perceptively.

If you want to feel comfortable, which is only possible with a high nicotine dose, you can start with enough nicotine. When the nicotine saturates you, your body will indicate you, and you can then reduce the amount of nicotine. When you need a low amount of nicotine, you can buy nicotine with lower concentration liquids. As mentioned earlier, you can gradually reduce the nicotine dose and prefer liquids without nicotine.

To Wrap Up

Every individual has a different level of craving, meaning that what may work for a person may not work for you. In case of doubts, you can contact Vape Cave for proper guidance. We are the leading online vape store in Pakistan and provide high-quality products. We have a wide range of flavored liquids available with and without nicotine. Whether you want VGOD Cubano Black SaltNic, VGOD LushIce SaltNic, Strawberry Kiwi Ice by Pop, or any other flavor, we have! 

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