Everything You Need To Know About Types Of Vapes.


If you are switching to vaping as an escape from the disgusting smoking paradigm, then you will need the fitting vape kit to get you started and give you the entire vaping experience right from the start. This, in essence, leads to a more viable question that which vape is best for you? 

If you have Googled vape or Vape Shops in Faisalabad, then there is a high possibility that you got confused pretty quickly. The number of varieties available in the market is mind-boggling, and for newbies, it can be pretty daunting and extremely overwhelming. 

At Vape Cave, we are here to guide you throughout the process. The good news is that even though it may seem challenging to find the most suitable product, our professionals will help you make an informed decision. Even though the products available in Pakistan are countless, they can still be simply categorized depending on their type.

With that being said, let us walk you through the most popular types of vaping devices in this blog. 

  1. Vape Mods.

Throughout the advancements in the vaping culture, the term mod has started to shed light on any vaping equipment that requires a mod to function. An experienced vaper may refer to his entire collection as a vape mod, but it won’t necessitate any study if you do not know how they function.

The attention-grabbing feature of a vape mod is its ability to work without any external power source. As its power source is solely dependant on the battery, it allows the coil to heat at the desired temperature. The stylish design of mods is one of the reasons behind its rising popularity.

  1. Vape pen.

Pen vapes are usually cylindrical by shape and come in various sizes. They rose to popularity in the mid-2000s due to their long-lasting battery and the option to attach a variety of different atomisers

Opting for the best pen vape for a satisfying vaping experience is a brilliant idea. These devices provide unmatchable versatility for a breathtaking throat hit. Their main selling point is the design as they are very sleek, compact, and are simple to use.

If you are looking for the best vape stores in Faisalabad to purchase a vape pen, don’t worry as Vape Cave have you covered.

  1. Pod Mod.

A pod mod is a vaping device which runs on low wattage and is famous, for their brilliant utilization of salt nic electronic juices. Pod mods are highly recommended for ex-smokers as they offer a remarkably similar feeling when smoking a cigarette.

They are considerably simple to use and are compact and lightweight which makes them suitable for travel. 

Similar to traditional vapes, pod mods function in the same manner. To combust the flavor, a wick and coil are used in addition to a reliable battery. The majority of the said devices do not consist of a firing button; simply you just inhale and enjoy the experience. The most common example for these devices is “JUUL”.

Choosing the most suitable device for your vaping experience. 

Pod Mods are sleek and simple to use and have proven to be more effective for smokers. When talking about pod mods, they are comparatively cheaper and are a better investment for your money.

Vape mods are not a wise option for beginner vapers as they necessitate a fundamental knowledge of the process.

Vape pens fall in the middle as they are suitable for all classes of vapers. In any case, we highly recommend our customers to make physical purchases as you would be able to consult with our professionals.

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