Enhance Your Vape Experience By Asking the Right Questions At the Vape Shop- Here’s How


Vaping scene as a whole is making some big moves in Pakistan. More and more people are flocking to vape shops to quit their smoking addiction. Even those who aren’t yet, are interested in vaping when they see their friends doing it.

As the scene grows, it is important that people get the best out of it. One of the most fortunate things about vapes is the options that are offered to the consumer. You enter a vape show, and you’d be thrilled to see everything that’s available for you.

From different types of devices to amazing, classy flavors, you can have it all for yourself. However, for those entering the scene as freshies, things can need a little explaining. A lot of what it takes to have the right vaping experience is to ask the right questions.

Here are the 3 questions you need to ask the vape shop person to get the best vaping experience:

What Device Will Go Best with My Lifestyle?

It is super easy to get lost in the flashy E-Cigarette world. Since most vape shops look like God-level vape showrooms, it can be easy to think that everything is just made for you. But that’s not the case. Don’t be impulsive with vape purchases.

Ask the sales rep what’s the right device that shall best match your lifestyle. For example, if you need a better battery because you stay outdoors for hours. Or how much dedication you can put into maintaining the device. Because not all devices are equal. Some can have you maintain them like a BMW, and some can be just plug-and-play.

You need to choose what suits your lifestyle the best.

What’s the Performance of the Suggested Device?

Once the sales rep suggests you a list of devices based on your lifestyle, the next thing you have to ask is the performance.

Some devices let you adjust the settings, and some are just there to let you puff the vapors with default settings. If nicotine fix is all that you want, then you are better off with an Electric Cigarette that comes with set options. That’ll actually be convenient for you because adjusting the device to the right settings can be tricky.

If you want something else from the device, for instance, big vapor clouds, then you may need a device that offers adjustments. Whatever the case, let your sales rep guide you.

Compatibility with Flavors

Again, not all devices are compatible with each bottle of flavor available in the vape shop. Some devices only work fine with the freebase flavors, and some work great with salt-nic flavors. There are some options that work well with both types.

Let your sales rep enunciate further upon the subject, so you understand the difference easily. Plus, you’ll also need to look at the PG VG ratios of the flavors so that you can better understand what suits your requirements right.

Final Words

Electronic Cigarettes are fast replacing conventional cigarettes. People are fast realizing that it is a better alternative and making a switch towards better health. If you want that for yourself as well, then come visit Vape Cave right away.

We have the best range of vape products and accessories for you. With us, you get the best vape-related services. If you know your vape stuff, then you can even order the products from the comfort of your home.

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