Do Your Vape Leak? Or Does It spit? Here’s How To Fix


Hot-pops, spit-backs, and leaking may sound like names from a hip-hop crime-fighting cartoon team, but these are the names of phenomena you will have encountered if you have spent any time vaping (especially with higher-powered mods). But what exactly do they imply? What are the underlying causes of these common and sometimes vexing occurrences? Is there anything that can be done to prevent them?

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or have just begun your vaping journey with an electric vape, or if you like tank mods, or anything else, keep reading for the ultimate guide to ensuring a smooth, joyful, and stress-free vaping experience.

What Does Leaking Mean?

Leaking is a broad term that, when used for vaping, describes any situation in which the e-liquid escapes from where it is supposed to be and ends up somewhere it isn’t, such as the airflow system, the inside of your coat, or all over the work notes in your bag.

Like all disasters, leaks can range in severity from a few drops that you may not even notice to a full-fledged deluge that leaves everything in its path sticky and smelling like a perfume truck slammed into a French bakery.

It is frequently impossible to locate the exact location of the leak, which can result in some frustrating (and messy) circumstances.

How To Stop Leaks From Happening?

The following are the ways to resist your vape from leaking:

Check Your Seal

Most of the time, leaking from your vaporizer is due to user mistakes. The most common mistake that might cause your e-liquid to flee is not screwing your tank back together correctly. The thread between tanks and lids is often fragile, and even a minor misalignment of the grooves can result in an inadequate seal.

Store Your Tank Vertically

Some tanks, particularly older types, have a design defect that causes them to leak when placed horizontally for extended periods. This is usually due to back-flow through the wick and into the airflow.

Fortunately, you may readily avoid this type of leakage by modifying your processes. You should be OK as long as you remember to keep your vape from being on its side as much as possible. Alternatively, you could simply purchase a newer tank that does not have these issues.

Check Your Grommets

If your tank has O-rings around the seals, it’s good to check their integrity. Rubber degrades over time, and micro-perforations can result in leaks which can be tricky to catch.

Modify Your Vaping Technique

Occasionally, leaking is caused by the habits of the user rather than a structural problem with the vaping gear.

Excessive force inhalation can lead to a variety of issues. Puffing too hard can result in excess juice in your coil, leading to leaks from your device.

Avoid Overfilling Your Vaporizer

Avoid filling your vape all the way to the top. It’s vital to leave a small gap for air at the top can help prevent e-juice from escaping from the seals, air holes, or mouthpiece.

Examine Your Vape For Damage

Cracks in the glassware are frequently one of the most prominent reasons for vape leaks. Hairline cracks might form over time and go undetected every minute. Make a habit of adequately inspecting your vaporizer regularly to look for damage symptoms.

Along with cracks in the glassware, it’s good to keep an eye out for any bent metal pieces, especially around the joints. Even minor body deformations can cause vape juice to spill out over time.


The majority of the causes of spitting and popping can be avoided by following the methods indicated above. However, if you go through all of the troubleshooting tips we mentioned and still have problems, you may need to buy a new tank.

As the technology inside vapes continues to progress and develop, spit back may become obsolete, much like many of the problems connected with the vapes. The occasional pop or leak is a minor price to pay for the numerous advantages of switching from smoking tobacco to using an electronic cigarette.

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