Best Disposable Vaporizers You Should Try in 2022


As the year 2022 has already started out, and we are in the initial days of the year. Everybody around us will be looking for new things to explore, people to meet, and new opportunities. While on the other hand, our fellow vapers will be in search of trying out new flavours and experiencing them in their own way. Many vapers try out disposable vapes that come with exciting flavours. If you are in search of dessert e-liquids, check out our collection right now.

Let’s get into this blog, and we will tell you about the best disposable vaporizers that you should give a shot at this year. These pre-filled flavoured one-use vapes have an exciting and smooth flavour for fellow vapers. Let’s take a look at the list:

IVG Bar Max:

The first company on our list is IVG. The brand has rolled out some amazing disposable vape kits for the vaping industry. They have a whole lineup of disposable vapes with exciting flavours that will blow your mind. Moreover, their vape devices last long because they have a higher rate of puffs. You can take 800 puffs from their devices. In addition to this, they have a maximum flavour with great satisfaction.

We will tell you about the flavours of IVG Bar Max below:

Strawberry Watermelon Ice: An amazing concoction of luscious and juicy watermelons paired up with tangy and ripened strawberries that is topped up with mentholated ice to give you a cooling breeze on the inhale.

Mango Lychee: A great combination of luscious and sweet mangoes that is mixed up with luscious and creamy lychee to give you a fruity combination whenever you take a puff.

Blue Raspberry Ice: A mixture of tangy blue raspberries that are topped up with cool freezing menthol to give you a cold, breezy effect whenever you take a hit from this vape device.

Berry Lemonade Ice: An exciting and cool blend of extraordinary and juicy berries that is mixed and blended together with tangy lemonade and topped up with a hint of mentholated ice on the exhale.

Pink Lemonade: This mixture packs a tangy and citrus combination of lemonade with a hint of sweet and ripened grapefruit that is blended and mixed together with cool mentholated ice.

BLVK Ello:

The second entry on this list is BLVK. It is a well-recognized vaping company among vapers across the globe. Moreover, it has some amazing vaping products for the vaping industry. BLVK has rolled out its disposable vaporizers for the market. Furthermore, they are filled with incredible flavours. The whole Ello disposable vaporizer lineup comes with a 2500 puffs count. You can go on many vaping trips with these vape devices.

Here’s a list of the best flavours from the Ello series:

Mango Aloe: An amazing concoction of sweet and luscious mangoes notes finished and topped up with a punch of aloe vera to give you a revitalizing feel whenever you take a hit of this flavour.

Bubbamelon Ice: A blend of luscious and juicy watermelons chunks infused and mixed up with sweet and tangy bubblegum to give you a cool, breezy finish on the exhale.

Hawaiian Ice: An incredible combination of tropical pineapples topped up with sweet mentholated ice to give you the same feeling as if you are sipping tropical fruit juice on an island of Hawaii.

Now that you know pretty much about the incredible disposable vaporizers offered by these amazing brands. Get a kit for yourself and give these flavours a shot. If you are looking for dessert e-liquids of BLVK, check out our collection.


To sum this up, we have told you about trying these exciting flavour-filled disposable vaporizers from these reputed vaping brands. If you are looking to get kits of these vapes, check out our collection.

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