Are You Tired Of Vape Coil Gunk? Here’s How To Avoid It


If you’ve used a standard or sub-ohm vape for any length of time, you’re well aware of coil gunk. This toxic material can ruin your day and cause skyrocketing vape coil expenses.

We all hate it, but is there anything to do about it?

Unfortunately, it is hard to eliminate it completely, but you can lessen its presence and improve the life of your coils.

In this blog by Vape Cave, we will discuss this issue in-depth and how we can handle this. We are one of the best retail stores in Pakistan, known for high-quality vape and e-liquid in Pakistan.

What Is Vape Coil Gunk?

Coil gunk is a mixture of various components. It’s primarily made up of unvaped e-juice left over from regular use. However, additional factors will influence the origin and frequency of coil gunk.

Gunk can be seen clearly. It’s a black, sticky, tar-like substance that gradually consumes your coils, causing you to replace them.

Reducing coil gunk may necessitate some changes, but the difference will be worth it once you notice it.

What Causes Vape Coil Gunk?

The first step is to identify why it happens? And what causes coil gunk?

Dark And Sweet E-Juices

Manufacturers utilize several components in the making of e-liquids. Sometimes getting a particular flavor necessitates using exact ingredients; those ingredients may not be favorable to your vape coils.

On the other hand, dark e-liquids are clear red flags. A dark color usually indicates that a sweetener was used in the recipe.

Sweeteners may improve the taste of the e-liquid, but they may not evaporate effectively, causing itself to deposit as a layer over the coil.

The crystalline e-juice sweetener eventually ties with the rest of your gunk, altering the flavor and ultimately destroying your coil.

VG E-Juices

If you’re a cloud chaser with a great sub-ohm device, you’re probably carrying at least one bottle of high-VG e-liquid.

However, while VG is excellent for producing enormous clouds, it can be deadly to your coils and a significant cause of coil gunk.

Since VG is thicker, your coils must work harder to absorb the juice. However, the VG left behind ultimately burns, accumulating into the gunk.

Surprisingly, not every vaper believes this, but the majority do. With the continuous improvement of technologies, certain mods may have improved atomizer designs or settings, making gunk less of an issue.

How Can You Avoid Coil Gunk

Since you already know what causes coil gunk, it is now easy to figure out a solution. So let’s explore these suggestions to increase the life of your coil.

Use Less VG

The e-liquids with high VG (Vegetable Glycerin), mainly 70 or higher, are considered “Max VG.” Now think about those cloud chasers who need high VG concentrations for massive clouding. They constantly need to change their coils.

Well, the answer is simple. Use 60 VG or less e-liquid. Many manufacturers are offering 60 VG as a default, while others may provide you with an option to select from various VG/PG levels.

Eliminate Sweeteners

There are several excellent e-juices available that do not contain any sugars. If you can avoid it, consider switching from dark to clear e-juice.

Certain flavors, such as coffee or deserts, rely heavily on sweets.

If you’re confident that your favorite coil-killer is the best e-juice ever, take a chance and broaden your palette. You might be surprised by what you find.

Change Your Vape Practices

Changing your settings, methods, and frequency of vaping is arguably the best option for giving your coils a break.

Try shorter and sharper drags instead of extended draws. If you have a habit of chain vaping, try to limit your usage. If you need to chain vape to get your nicotine fix, it’s time to increase the nicotine dose.

Conclusive Thoughts

Coil gunk can be a headache for the vapers. It can be considered a slow poison for your coil. So, it’s better to take precautions to increase the life of your coil gunk and preserve it from gunk.

If you like this blog and want to learn more about vape devices, e-liquids, and their hacks, continue reading our blog section.

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